• Aides Training Inservice Sign in Sheet for Professional Development hours

    Aide Inservice/Training Sign-In Sheet, Information must include Presenter(s) Name(s), Site of Training, Title of Training/Inservice and a brief description of Subject matter.  Please note the number of training hours on form.  Full days are logged using an AM sign in sheet and a PM sign in sheet.  Applicants not signed in on both forms will not be awarded full day professional development hours.  Sign in sheets must be submitted to the Human Resources Office for credit hours to be logged.
    **Please note: Teachers do NOT use this form for sign in.  See Teacher Act 48 sign in sheet for their use.  Student teachers should not use sign in sheets.  The W.A.S.D. does not provide/track Professional Development or Act 48 hours for substitutes.


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Last Modified on April 17, 2015