Agency Clearances

Please note that the information below does not apply to volunteer clearances. That information can be found here.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) requires all school districts to ensure all agency workers and contractors meet the legal requirements to work around or with students in the school setting. As part of this process, all agency workers and contractors are required to have on file with the Williamsport Area School District their Child Abuse, State Police, and FBI clearances before they can be in any schools. All clearances are required to be within a 5-year window to be approved.

To ensure the school district complies with this requirement and to assist in keeping our students safe, we are moving to an online platform where all clearances will have to be entered for each employee at your agency/organization if they are going to be in our schools working with students. The new platform will ensure that the clearances meet PDE requirements and that the agency worker and agency are contacted when clearances need to be reviewed and renewed.

As of June 12, 2020, all agencies will be required to use our new Safe Kids platform, and WASD will no longer accept clearances if submitted by email, fax, or hard copy. Any clearances for agency workers/contractors that have been submitted in the past to WASD will also have to be re-submitted through the new system to ensure compliance with the PDE mandates. Approved agency workers will receive an email indicating they are authorized to work in WASD schools and will be provided in August with a sticker for their ID that states they can be in schools for the 23-24 school year.

As an agency, you have two options. 

  1. You can have your individual staff upload their clearances in the system.
  2. You can have one designated staff member to complete the process for all employees. 

The new platform for clearances can be found here

If you have any questions during this transition, please reach out to Dr. Brandon Pardoe at
570-327-5500, ext. 40310, or by email at [email protected].