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Our community starts with education 

We provide our students & staff with the best educational experiences possible. We provide state of the art technology and expert level teachers for all of our facilities to achieve the most immersive learning experience possible.


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“Nothing remains constant except change itself.”

No one knows who coined this expression, but we sure understand it at WASD! Constant changes in society, our community, technology, and education create opportunities for our students, faculty and community to grow.

District restructuring allowed us to renovate an existing school building into a state-of-the-art middle school that now serves all district 7th and 8th graders with new science labs a modern fitness center and a rooftop garden.

Renovations to the high school included the modernization and update of athletic areas, a new fitness center and a complete overhaul of the cafeteria.

These changes have paved the way for new equipment and learning experiences for our students. Both the middle school and high school have television production equipment and produce morning announcements that are broadcast in their schools, teaching them about careers in broadcast and all that happens behind the camera.

Middle School Morning Announcements

High School Morning Announcements

Yes, change is inevitable - we teach children how to make it work in their favor.