Board of Directors

Our nine-member board is dedicated to our students’ success and preparing them for their futures. Creating a strong foundation of education and learning opportunities is key in providing a pathway for career preparedness and community service.

The board meets twice monthly, except in July and December, when only one meeting will take place per month. Check the calendar for dates and locations of upcoming board meetings.

2019-2020 Board Agendas

All agendas are available for public review ahead of each school board meeting.

 For a listing of the current school year's agendas, click here.

We welcome you

Attend a board meeting. Learn what’s going on in the schools and in the district. Be informed, share your ideas and opinions and provide points of view.

Get involved—make a difference in the lives of your child/children and your community by creating policies and developing a strong educational foundation that impacts us all. Look for opportunities to join our board when vacancies occur. Children are the future, and we look to them to do what’s right for their families, communities and beyond.

WASD Board Policies

All policies developed by the board have been established to support the district’s mission of “developing responsible citizens through excellence in education.” 

Our district’s school board policy manual is available to the public and may be accessed and viewed here.