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Open House for primary buildings (Cochran, Hepburn-Lycoming, Jackson and Stevens) will be help from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Start: 5:30 PM

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Stories and achievements about our students and staff doing amazing things in the classroom and community.

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Putting children on their path to success

From day one, we’ll be helping lend a hand to support and guide your child toward a successful future in school exploring their interests, and helping them find a career path that will provide them opportunities to further develop self-confidence and growth.

Two children coloring
Grade Levels

A world of learning and opportunities await

Each child has a unique perspective on what he or she sees and experiences. We are excited to show your child the world and see it through his or her eyes. Apart from traditional subject areas like reading and math, students have an array of different things to learn about and experience in new and fun ways. Expression and learning go hand in hand as we use art and music to develop various skills that will take your child on learning adventures far beyond school.