Log In, Learn On

Log In, Learn On is our 1:1 initiative. Every student at WASD has a district-loaned Chromebook to access virtual learning — no matter their location.  

Packed into one Chromebook device, our online learning platform is powered by Schoology, along with other software, such as GoGuardian, Office365 and ClassLink. Together, these tools provide for a secure, easy-to-use online learning experience, whether in the classroom or learning remotely.

All student online activity is monitored and filtered 24/7 by the district’s Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant web filter from anywhere the student is using the device. Additional monitoring also is in place through GoGuardian.  

Log In, Learn On graphic.


The Log In, Learn On 1:1 initiative is a virtual academic program governed by school board policy (specifically, policies 815 and 224), which supports the use of Chromebooks in their service to academic achievement. Students will be issued a Chromebook device at the beginning of each program phase, or upon enrollment to WASD, according to the following:

Primary School   K - 3
Intermediate / Middle School   4 - 8
High School   9 - 12

Chromebooks will remain with the student for the duration of their respective phase. For example, a new kindergarten student will be issued a Chromebook at the beginning of the school year. S/he will keep that Chromebook through each school year until the end of his/her third-grade year. Then, at the beginning of his/her fourth-grade year, that student will be issued a new Chromebook device by the district, and that device will remain with him/her throughout his/her new program phase.