District Administration

District Administration

Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Timothy S. Bowers

Assistant Superintendent
Dr. Richard Poole

Supervisor of Instructional Technology
Dustin Brouse

Director of Pupil Transportation
Brandon Coleman

Director of Maintenance and Facilities
Dale Crans

Supervisor of Elementary Special Education
James DeSantis

Business Administrator
Wanda M. Erb, SFO, PCSBA

Director of Health Services
Corrina Gnoffo, RN

Secondary Curriculum Supervisor
Unified Arts Supervisor K-12

Dr. Chad Greevy

Director of Public Relations/WASD Education Foundation
Greg Hayes

Director of Finance and Accounting
Brett Leinbach

Director of Human Resources
Anne Logue

Elementary Curriculum Supervisor
Theresa Montgomery

Director of Student Services
Dr. Brandon Pardoe

Director of Special Education
Dr. Amy Wolfhope-Briggs

Director of Federal Programs

Patricia Wylie