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3 WASD Students Recognized During Law Day Celebration

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May 15, 2023 | Awards & Celebrations

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (MAY 15, 2023) — Three Williamsport Area School District students were recognized for being among the 11 student winners in this year's Law Day Art & Essay Contest, hosted by the Lycoming Law Association at the Lycoming County Courthouse on Friday, May 12.  

This year's entries were submitted on the theme of "Cornerstones of Democracy." 

Curtin Intermediate School fifth-grade student Benjamin Turri won in the art category for his poem, "Reward of Democracy"; Williamsport Area High School sophomore Isabella Newcomer also won in the art category for her creation of a sculpture using Rice Krispie Treats and Fondant; and WAHS junior Kathryn Niklaus was the 2023 Overall Art Winner with her painting that depicts six pairs of shoes worn by six different Americans and concludes that "to strengthen the cornerstones of democracy, we must value Americans’ diversity in skill, intelligence and culture.”

The contest was held as part of the county's celebration of Law Day, which is commemorated every year on May 1 as "an opportunity to host or participate in discussions about law and its role in society," according to the American Bar Association. 

Entries can be viewed on the Lycoming County Law Day Facebook page by clicking here.


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