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WASD To Offer Season Passes for Home Athletic Events

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August 10, 2023 | Athletics

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WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (AUGUST 10, 2023) — In an effort to move to a cashless system, the Williamsport Area School District athletic department is now offering season passes for purchase to individuals and families.

While the season passes will be good for all home regular season events during the current school year, PIAA admission fees will remain in place for playoff games.

All family passes sold will be good for two adults and four students.

The cost for fall sports season passes:

  • Varsity and junior varsity football: $35/adult, $75/family
  • Volleyball: $50/adult, $100/family
  • Boys soccer: $40/adult, $80/family
  • Girls soccer: $50/adult, $100/family
  • All soccer: $75/adult, $150/family
  • All fall sports pass: $75/adult, $175/family

The cost for winter sports season passes:

  • Boys basketball: $60/adult, $120/family
  • Girls basketball: $50/adult, $100/family
  • All basketball: $100/adult, $200/family
  • Wrestling: $15/adult, $30/family
  • All winter sports pass: $50/adult, $125/family

The athletic department also will offer all-sports passes to individuals and families at the following prices:

  • All-sports pass: $150/adult, $325/family
  • Middle school sports pass: $40/adult, $90/family

Additionally, all-sport passes for students will be available for $25 for all home regular season events. Student passes only will be available to students in grades nine through 12.

Pricing for the season passes is based on the number of home games and reflects a discounted rate than what would be paid on a per game basis. 

The district approved a $1-increase to athletic ticket prices for the 2023-2024 school year. Admission per game for varsity football, junior varsity football, volleyball, soccer, basketball and wrestling will now be $6/adult and $2/student. Admission for middle school basketball, middle school football and middle school soccer games will now be $2/adult and $1/student. 

All season tickets and sports passes can be purchased through the Hometown Ticket App, or by visiting


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