Parental Request to Review State Assessments


    Section 4.4 of Title 22, Chapter 4 provides for the rights of any parent or guardian to excuse his or her child from the state assessment if, upon inspection of the testing materials, they find the assessment to be in conflict with their religious beliefs. This is the only basis for a parent or guardian to excuse his or her child from the statewide assessments.


    Parents/Guardians who wish to view state-mandated assessments must follow the procedure outlined below:

    1. The parent/guardian must contact the building principal to schedule a date and time to view the assessment(s). Note: The scheduled date must take place before the testing window and once the tests have been delivered to the district which is 2 weeks before the test is scheduled to occur.


    1. Prior to viewing any assessment materials, the parent/guardian must sign the confidentiality agreement provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education


    1. The parent/guardian will view the assessment in a school location determined by the principal with a monitor present at all times. The parent/guardian may not take any written notes regarding the content of the assessment.


    1. If after viewing the assessment the parent/guardian feels that the assessment is in conflict with the family’s religious beliefs, the parent/guardian must write a formal letter to the superintendent explaining the specific objections and requesting exclusion from the assessment. This letter can be given to the building principal.


    5.    If a formal letter is not submitted by the parent/guardian before the testing date and the tests reviewed, the student will be required to take the PSSA’s per PDE guidelines.


    6.    During testing sessions if the student has been opted out, classroom work will be provided along with supervision.

     If you have questions about this process please call:
    Dr. Richard Poole
    Director of Student Services and District PSSA/Keystone Testing Coordinator
    570-327-5500 x33507