• Apply for Funding
    Whether you're looking to start a new program, fund a project or initiative, the WASD Education Foundation administers dollars from a variety of funding areas to help support the needs of the Williamsport Area School District.  Through the generosity of our donors, we are able to assist teachers, staff and administrators in helping to make their visions a reality.

    Grant Opportunities
    The WASD Education Foundation offers teachers an opportunity between April and October each year to apply for funding through our Teacher Mini-Grant Program.  Teachers are able to request up to $1,500 for an innovative project or program on annual basis.  If you're a teacher in the district and have a project worthy of consideration, please carefully review our grant guidelines and deadlines.
    General Funding Opportunities 
    The WASD Education Foundation welcomes general funding inquiries.  We will review and consider funding requests that have been submitted to our organization through the appropriate channels on an ongoing basis.  The foundation favors proposals that clearly articulate a need/opportunity of high impact that fall beyond the district budget.  To review our General Internal Funding Request Policy and Procedure and application, please download and carefully read through the document by clicking here.
    • Benevolence Fund — In the era of pay-to-play in athletics and other fees and expenses that arise in the participation of curricular and extra-curricular work, the foundation created the Benevolence Fund to help provide opportunity to students who demonstrate a strong, dire need for financial assistance on the recommendation of principals and counselors. 
    • Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program — Held at the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania, the WASD Education Foundation solicits donations and identifies venture programs and educator-in-residences through gifts made by area businesses.   For more information on this unique tax-credit program, which is exclusive to Pennsylvania, click here.
    • General Fund — Unrestricted gifts made to the foundation help support the needs and programs across the district.  Over the last several years, this fund has grown and offers flexibility in our mission to create an impact on education.
    • Jackson Playground Fund — Restricted for purposes of improving and maintaining the Jackson Primary School playground.
    • Music Facility Fund — Through the generosity of our donors, a music facility fund was created for the benefit of music education in the district.
    • Violet Compton Estate Fund — Upon her death in 2007, Ms. Violet Compton donated a sum of her estate as a bequest to the WASD Education Foundation, designated for musical endeavors.  
    • WAHS Swimming Pool Fund — The community banded together years ago on the threat of losing the swimming pool due to needed repairs at the high school.  This fund was established to maintain the integrity of the pool. 
    Scholarships held at the foundation ensure donors' legacies can continue in the provision of a gift to graduating seniors to continue their education and develop their career skills.  While the foundation manages and administers the scholarship funds, the selection process is conducted through the high school.  If you have an interest in establishing a scholarship, please download our form here.
    We offer a limited number of sponsorships throughout the year, and award them based on the merit and reach of the event/program.  Please direct all sponsorship requests to Executive Director Greg Hayes at ghayes@wasd.org.