• WASD RtII--Response to Instruction and Intervention                

    District RtII Guides and Progress Monitoring presentations
    Why RtII and Why Now?

    The overarching goal of RtII is to improve student achievement using research based interventions matched to the instructional need and level of the student. RtII is a comprehensive, multi-tiered, standards aligned strategy to enable early intervention for students at academic or behavioral risk. This strategy allows educators to identify and address academic and behavioral difficulties prior to student failure.

     RtII Defined

    RtII is a framework for providing comprehensive support to students and is not a single instructional practice. RtII is a prevention oriented approach to linking assessment and instruction that can inform educators’ decisions about how best to teach their students. A goal of RtII is to minimize the risk for long-term negative learning labels and outcomes by responding quickly and efficiently to documented learning or behavioral concerns. RtII is not a single person but the responsibility of all teachers inclusive of classroom, title, special education, ESL, and para-educators as frontline interventionists, all whom should be prepared to deliver all three levels of tiered interventions.

     WASD District Beliefs:

    • For ALL students, RtII begins at the classroom level and with the classroom teacher
    • Teachers need to know, use, and understand the value of assessments data. Frequent and balanced use of multiple assessments provide important district level, building level, and classroom level data to make program and instructional decisions
    •  All students deserve to receive supportive interventions with or without a learning label
    •  Classroom teachers need to provide daily interventions to students that are at-risk of academic or behavioral failure
    • Any type of co-teaching support is “in addition to” classroom teacher support to students at the Tier 2 and Tier 3 level, but it does not “supplant” classroom teacher instruction and responsibility of providing tiered interventions
    •   Interventions are delivered in the form of whole and small group and are planned for from a “data” informed teaching mindset
    •   Constant and continuous data analysis and monitoring at all levels (district, building, classroom) will provide critical feedback on systemic , programmatic, and instructional changes
    Read the district's full RtII implementation guide 
    (click to download) WASD RtII Implementation Guide