• ·      The Williamsport Area School District has partnered with Parchment Exchange to enable high school transcripts to be sent to post-secondary educational institutions electronically. This will add speed and simplification to the transcript delivery.

    >  There is no cost for this service to current high school students. 

    >  Students will be informed of this opportunity via announcements at school, postings on multiple district and school websites, and through the Gaggle online communications system each high school student can access.

    >  Students will receive their personal Parchment codes via their school Gaggle accounts.  Encourage your son or daughter to keep the code private.

    >  A brief set of instructions for enrolling in the Parchment system to send transcripts is included.

    >  Parents are welcome to go to the Parchment website to view the simple enrollment process and services available there.

    Register for a Parchment.com account (to order high school transcripts)

    To order high school transcripts, you need to register for a Parchment.com account. To order college transcripts, you need to sign up for a Parchment Exchange Account.

    To register for a Parchment.com account:

    • Go to Parchment.com.
    • Click Sign up.
    • If your school gave you a registration code, click Have a Parchment Registration Code? on the right side of your screen and follow the onscreen instructions.
    • Fill in the fields.
    • All fields with a * (asterisk ) are mandatory.
    • If you get an error telling you that 'a valid password is required', make sure you enter a password that is at least 8 characters long and contains both letters and numbers.
    • For more information on Student and Parent Accounts, go to the Student/Parent Accounts help topic.
    • Under Colleges, scholarship programs, and other institutions are looking for students like you, click Yes if you'd like to share your information with colleges, or click No if you'd rather not. Here’s how it works: Once you say we are allowed to do so, we will make some of the information you provide to Parchment available to a variety of colleges and programs. Then the colleges and programs send you information about themselves, so you can see if they fit your college plans. Colleges cannot find you at Parchment unless you choose to opt-in.
    • Check the box to accept the terms of use and service agreement.
    • If you're under 18, you must check the box to confirm that you have your parents' permission to create the account.
    • Click Let’s go!
    • If you chose to share your information with colleges in step 3, you will have one more step where you will enter your contact and academic information.

    To learn more about this topic, visit the link below: