• School to Work Program
    The Williamsport Area School District’s Job Training Program targets students with Individualized Education Plans who have a post school goal of entering into competitive employment upon graduation from high school.  The major goal of the program is to prepare and guide the non-college bound students into a successful full-time employment opportunity upon completion from high school.  When this goal is achieved, the student becomes a self-supporting, productive citizen in our community- a goal that meets everyone’s needs.

    The program provides two components;  a half-day of high school academics and a half-day of paid employment in the community.  The student worker will receive a grade and credit for participation in the job training program. 

    The classroom component provides academic instruction based on the courses offered in the high school’s Core Curriculum.

    Courses at the high school are designed to teach both pre and post-employment skills, and covers resume writing, interview techniques, completing job applications, work ethics, and associated concerns and skills.

    The Employer's Role

    The employer is encoiraged to make a minimal number of hours of employment available to the worker each school day, Monday through Friday.

    Employers may also add weekend work hours to the student workers’ schedules, if labor laws permit the additional hours on the weekend.  The hours the student works are scheduled by the employer and work coordinator.  Wage rates within state and federal guidelines are paid by the employer.  

    The employer will be required to complete a check-off job evaluation every nine weeks.  The student can be removed from the job assignment anytime the employer wishes, and there is no commitment for long term employment.

    The Role of the Williamsport Area School District

    A work coordinator will provide supervision for the participants at selected work sites.  The work coordinator is responsible for developing transition sites, visiting the work sites, and evaluating student progress.  Credit and a grade are provided for training program.  In most cases, transportation is provided by the district. 

    The Parent's Role
    The student worker’s parents or guardians are encouraged to assist in making the placement meaningful and successful.  Parents must agree on the specific job placement before the program employment is formalized.  A job training agreement is signed by all parties---student, parent/guardian,employer, and the high school work coordinator---verifying their awareness and acceptance of these responsibilities.  
    The Student's Role 

    Students participating in the program must agree to be respnsible in both school and at the job site.  They must maintain a satisfactory level of performance both at school and on the job site.  The student worker is expected to accept the directions and constructive criticisms of both the employer and work coordinator.  They are also expected to follow the rules and regulations of the employer, and keep the employer’s best interest in mind. 

    For additional information regarding the Williamsport Area High School Community Based Job Training Program:


    Patricia A. Cioffi

    School to Work Coordinator

    Williamsport Area High School

    2990 West Fourth Street

    Williamsport, PA 17701

    School: 570.323.8411 ext. 3199

    E-mail:  pcioffi@wasd.org


    Justin Ross

    Secondary Special Education Coordinator

    Williamsport Area School District

    2780 West Fourth Street

    Williamsport, PA 17701

    School:  570.327.5500 ext.  33591

    E-Mail:  jross@wasd.org