• Accelerated Reader: This component of the independent reading program encourages students in grades two through eight in the Williamsport Area School District to read books. Students take a computer-based test and earn points.  Learn more about Accelerated Reader by contacting your librarian. 
    ???? Do you have a book at home or find one at the public library that you would like to read?
    See if your book is on AR:
    You can search by
    • book level,
    • author,
    • or title
    Please note:  This website is the database for AR Quizzes available. To see the AR books the library has available, access the Destiny Online Catalog.
    Books that are AR have a sticker on the side stating what the Reading Level is, as well as how many points it is worth!

    Remember too, you can search the library catalog using the "Reading Programs" feature to only find books in your reading range.

Last Modified on September 6, 2011