Preventative Health Screening Programs
    Monitored in all grades according to PA State regulations
    Body Mass Index (BMI) 
    K, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9
    Physical Exams
    Entry (K or 1), 6, 9
    Dental Exams
    Entry (K or 1), 3, 6 
    6, 7
    All students in all grades are monitored for required immunizations according to Pennsylvania School Guidelines.  Periodically, these requirements are updated by the State.  Parents are notified when their children will be required to update vaccines.
    Growth Screenings and BMI calculation
    There is a national emphasis on the increasing incidence of childhood obesity due to its long-term negative health consequences.  Each year, parents receive a letter which provides the current status of their child's body mass index (BMI).  BMI is a number used to roughly estimate body fat composition, based on a person's height and weight.  It is a screening tool that can be used to help identify anyone who may be underweight or overweight.  Being either underweight or overweight can put a person at risk for many health problems.  Parents are encouraged to consult their family doctor or pediatrician when the BMI falls outside of the normal range.  Occasionally we receive flyers from community health providers who have special programming for overweight children.  We try to pass that information along to parents with the BMI letters.  It is also important to consult your family doctor if your child is considered underweight.
    Visioneye exam
    Parents are notified by written letter when their child fails the annual vision screening.  We encourage a prompt evaluation by an eye specialist if your child fails our school screening.  Good vision is essential for children to achieve success in the classroom.  If you need financial assistance with obtaining eyeglasses for your child, please contact your School Nurse.  We ask that you have your eye doctor complete the eye specialist's report and return it to school for your child's health file.
    Click here to download the Eye Specialist Report
    Hearingear exam
    Hearing screenings are done early in the school year in the indicated grades.  You will be notified by written letter if your child fails this screening.  Again, it is important to consult your family doctor or pediatrician promptly for evaluation and treatment.  Hearing loss can significantly affect your child's learning in the classroom.  We ask that you have your doctor complete the physician's report and return it to school for your child's health file.
    Physical Examsexam
    Physical exams are required upon initial school entry (K or 1), 6th and 9th grade.  We recommend that you have your family health care provider perform this exam since they are most familiar with your child's health history.  Also, immunizations are often given during a routine physical exam.  If you do not have health insurance, please contact your school nurse to arrange a physical exam by our school physician.  Written consent and a completed health history will be required for a school physical exam.
    Dental Examsdental exam
    Dental exams are required upon initial entry (K or 1), 3rd and 6th grade.  We recommend that your private dentist perform this exam so that treatment can be provided if needed.  Dental inspections will be provided by our school dentist to all students who do not return the Family Dentist's Report.  A referral will be sent home if your child requires further dental treatment.
    Click here to download the Permission for School Dental Exam
    Click here to download the Private Dental Form
    All 6th and 7th grade students are screened for scoliosis.  The scoliosis screening is an observation of the spine to assess for deviations from normal.  Any child with positive or suspicious findings will be referred to their health care provider for evaluation.