Title I Services and Staff

Title I Services : Title I supports the development of Foundational Reading Skills throughout all primary and intermediate schools. Title I services include 6 schoolwide projects (K-6) and an instructional coaching model offering support to classroom teachers, Title I teachers, and specialists. Reading specialists use a 100%  in-class instructional model, servicing students through small group teaching.   Research and/or evidence based instruction and programs are used and matched appropriately to students. Title I services are considered a Tier 2 intervention within the district's RtiI model that compliments classroom Tier 1 core reading instructional practices. Title I services are aligned to the core reading program, Treasures, and students receive instruction that supports their progress and achievement of the PA Core standards and within the core reading program, focusing on the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Title I students in grades 3-6, receive additional instruction to support their achievement and progress on the PSSA.

Title I Staff
WASD District Service Center
Director of Federal Programs
Susan Bigger, Ed.D.
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Marie Welter
Title I  Reading Specialists Cochran Primary School
Hepburn Lycoming Primary School
 Title I Reading Specialist
  •     Ms. Joan Shaw
Jackson Elementary School
Title I Reading Specialists
    Mrs. Linda Snyder
   Mrs. Lynne Piotrowski 
Instructional Coach
Mrs. Stacey Robinson
Stevens Elementary School
 Title I Reading Specialist
Mrs. Paula Moore

Instructional Coach
Dr. Shelley Litz
Curtin Intermediate School
Title I Reading Specialist
  • Mrs. Elissa Koontz
  • Ms. Kristen Waters

Instructional Coach

Michelle Dixon
Lycoming Valley Intermediate School
Title I Reading Specialist
Mrs. Dana Null
Ms. Thao Ten Eyck 
Instructional Coach
Mrs. Stephanie Wolfanger