• How To use the Parent Portal

    Parent Portal Features


    At the top of every Parent Portal screen, will be the Navigation Bar.
    On the left side of this bar, below the PowerSchool logo, which itself is a link that takes you back to the first screen in the Grades and Attendance section, are buttons that represent the names of your children.  Click the button representing the child whose information you wish to view.


    To the right are the nine menu option icons.  Click any icon to see information from that category about your child.  Below you will find a summary of those nine features.


    Below the icon buttons is your name, and the date of your last login.  This is followed by three buttons…



    ·         the print button, to print the information on the screen you are viewing

    ·         a help button which will bring up a detailed on-screen help section, created by Powerschool

    ·         a button to Logout. 


    Please Logout each time you are finished with a viewing session, to help insure the privacy of your child’s information.


    PowerSchool – Items to consider


    • Please discuss any grading issues or concerns with your child and his/her teachers.  Waiting until late in a grading period makes it more difficult to make adjustments in your child’s approach to school work.

    • Review the teacher’s grading policy. This may give indications of the frequency of their grading as well as the style of grading (cumulative, weighted categories, etc) employed by the teacher.

    • Please allow a reasonable amount of time for a teacher to respond to e-mail.

    • Your child’s grades and performance can be a fluid situation (always changing). Please understand that PowerSchool gives you the opportunity to focus on the “big picture” of your child’s performance. PowerSchool should not be used to track the daily academic performance of your child as some grades may not be currently available.


    The Parent Portal in Powerschool, has nine different features you can use to access information about your child. Read more about each of these features below.

    Parent Portal Features
    Click a link below to see more information about that feature:




    After clicking the Submit button on the Login screen, you will be taken to the first screen of the Grades and Attendance section.


    The top portion of the screen contains information about each period of the day, for your child.


    HINT: Any letters/words/numbers in blue, are links to more information about that item.  Click the link once to see more information.
    The Class Score Detail will give you more information about a specific assignment.

    The bottom portion of this screen is a table showing the daily attendance, cumulative over the first semester and the entire year.  Click a blue number link to see a detailed view of attendance information.


    Class Score Detail


    Clicking any linked grade in the Grades and Attendance screen will send you to the Class Score Detail screen.


    This screen provides more detail about a single assignment.  It may have several components which go together to make up the final assignment grade.  Teachers may post assignments prior to their due date or may enter only a portion of the assignment resulting in a lower final grade, for that assignment, until the entire assignment has been posted.


    A teacher may enter a comment about a particular portion of the assignment.  That score will then appear in blue and you may click it to view the teacher comment.


    Click the Grades and Attendance navigation icon at the top of the screen to return to the previous screen. 



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    Use this function to view quarter and semester grades for the student for the most recent term.


    Click a grade in the % column. The Class Score Detail page appears.


    A caret (^) indicates score is exempt from final grade.

    An asterisk (*) indicates an assignment is not included in final grade.

    The number one (1) indicates this final grade may include assignments that are not yet published by the teacher.




    This function presents an entire semester of attendance data.  Scroll down the screen to see more weeks in the semester.  If you have concerns about your child’s attendance, please discuss it with your child and his/her teacher(s).


    Remember, you can return to the Grades and Attendance page and click on the teacher’s name to address an email message to them.  (If your computer is so configured.)


    Data is listed for each class your child has during the day.

    A legend at the bottom of the page will give a more detailed description of the attendance codes.






    Parents may choose to have email updates sent, to them, at regular intervals by PowerSchool. You must complete the appropriate email sections in order to receive email updates at one or more email addresses you prefer.


    You may wish to begin receiving certain updates and then choose to turn reception of them off or adjust them. You may make changes at any time.  You may go into the Email Notifications section and immediately send yourself one copy of the notifications, without receiving them on a specified schedule.


    There are four types of updates you may receive - you may choose any or all.


    1. Summary of current grades and attendance

    Email notification giving a summary of final grade and attendance totals for each of your child’s classes.


    2. Detailed reports showing all assignment scores for each class

    Email notification, one email for each class, with each assignment for the quarter with scores. (Note: Students in upper gradeswill have multiple classes, and you will receive one for each class. If you have multiple students enrolled in the District you may receive a large number of emails with detailed information.)


    3. Detailed report of attendance

    Email notification containing detailed attendance reports for each class they are enrolled in for the current term.


    4. School announcements

    Some school announcements may be entered here, but it is not meant as a replacement for the normal school calendar or announcements found on the district/school website or sent home with students. This function is implemented at the building level.


    5. Balance Alert

    This function is not available as the district utilizes a separate meal tracking system.





    The Teacher Comments page displays any comments that teachers have entered regarding a student, such as a student’s achievement or behavior.


    You may click the teacher’s name link and this should address an email to that teacher, if your computer is so configured.




    This feature is slowly being implemented at each school building according to the building principals discretion.


    It may contain daily information about school happenings or calendar information for future events.


    For more information, contact your child’s building principal.




    This feature has not yet been implemented in WASD.






    In the My Calendars feature, you find a tool to help you and your child stay on top of daily events and better manage their time. Using My Calendars, you can subscribe to and receive homework and school event information in the form of a calendar on your desktop computer. 

    With My Calendars, you can:

    ·         Subscribe to calendars to keep up with homework assignments, grades, school events, and more.

    ·         View more than one calendar at a time from within a single unified window to quickly identify schedule conflicts and pockets of free time.

    ·         Keep your priorities straight with a built-in To Do list.
    IMPORTANT: In order to use My Calendar, you must first have iCal installed on your macintosh computer. iCal comes preinstalled on all Macintosh computers. The Publisher of Powerschool states that the My Calendars feature does not work on Windows computers. However, Windows users can use this feature with other software. Click here for More info.


    To view the assignment information, on your calendar, subscribe to one or more of your child’s class assignment calendars.


    How to Subscribe


    Select one or more of  your child’s classes, by clicking the Subscribe link for that class.  You may do this five-step process multiple times for multiple classes.  Choose whether you wish to see the assignments only or assignments and grades, as they become available.

    When you click the Subscribe button the following dialog window appears.

    Click OK to continue.  Your computer should automatically start your iCal application and suggest the appropriate URL (web location) of the teacher’s assignment calendar. 


    Click Subscribe to continue.


     iCal brings up another dialog and gives you a chance to rename the calendar if you desire, to select another color to use in the display (color popup to the right of the name) and allows you to edit the description of the class. 

    You may wish to change the Auto-refresh: popup from No to Yes.  This will cause your computer to automatically check the school website and update your calendar with any changes the teacher makes.  You have a choice on how often your computer refreshes the calendar.  Every Day is perhaps your most efficient choice.


    Click OK.


    You are Subscribed.

    Now, the iCal calendar on your Macintosh computer will display assignments, for the class(es) to which you subscribed.


    Click on an assignment and it will give you any detailed information which is available.  You do not have to be connected to the Powerschool Parent Portal to see this information once it shows up on your personal computer.


    If you wish to UnSubscribe from a particular class assignment calendar, so it no longer shows on your iCal calendar, on your computer, click on that calendar and choose Delete from the iCal Edit menu.  You can always subscribe again if you so desire.


    If your child’s school has implemented an event calendar, through Powerschool, at the bottom of the My Calendars screen is a place to subscribe to that calendar using the same steps, listed above.


    Decisions to implement a school event calendar, are made by each building principal.



    The Account Preferences feature allows you to change information you have entered about yourself, in order to gain access to the Parent Portal.  It also allows you to add a child, if you are their parent or guardian, enrolled in the Williamsport Area School District, to the list of children whose information you can view.

    Click the Account Preferences icon. The Account Preferences – Profile page appears.


    Edit any information in the boxes you wish to change.

    Then edit the username and/or password, click the pencil icon pencil_28next to that information.  Click Save when you have made the appropriate changes.


    If you are the parent or guardian of a child in our school system, who is not in your account list, you may add that child. To complete this process, you will need to contact your child’s school and ask for the Powerschool Access ID and the Access Password for your child.


    Once you have obtained this information, from the school, click the Students tab on the left side of this screen.  The Account Preferences - Students window is now visible. 


    Click the blue Add button to the right of My Students. 


    A window opens allowing you to enter the child’s Name, Access ID and Access Password, which you have obtained from your child’s school.  Select the relationship you have to this child from the pop-up and click the Submit button.


    You will now have an additional child’s name button in the upper left of the Parent Portal, and you will have access to that child’s information within the PowerSchool database.


    If you have more questions about using the Parent Portal, you may send an email detailing your questions to parentportal@wasd.org


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Last Modified on November 9, 2012