• Staff & Student Support

    pardoe Mrs. Stephanie Pardoe, Virtual Learning Academy Coordinator
    Please contact Mrs. Pardoe if you have any questions regarding the virtual academy.
    Phone:  570-323-8411, ext. 65297
    Homeroom Teacher
    Please contact your homeroom teacher if you have any questions about program logistics or if you need to provide a written excuse for an absence.
    Phone:  1-877-856-3311
    Content-Area Teachers
    Please contact your content-area teachers if you have any questions on a specific course in which you are enrolled.
    Phone:  1-877-856-3311
    Email:  Your teachers' email addresses can be found in the online gradebook by right-clicking a teacher's name and selecting "copy email address" from the menu. 
    Technical Support
    Please contact Technical Support if you are experiencing any issues with your Cyber School in a Box equipment or any of the applications you are using.  There are several ways in which a Help Desk Specialist can be reached:
      • Click the "Connect to a Technical Support" icon on your laptop
      • Call toll-free 1-877-856-3311
      • Email technicalsupport@vlnpartners.com 
    Support Mechanisms
    It is our goal to provide each student with the tools and support systems that he/she needs in order to be successful.  This goal is accomplished in a variety of ways:
    Daily Homeroom Session
       Homeroom is a daily synchronous session in which the following is accomplished.
    1.  Attendance is taken (we want to ensure that students are engaged each and every day).
    2.  District announcements are delivered (i.e. Keystone testing dates).
    3.  Student expectations are reviewed (weekly deadlines, marking period deadlines, etc.)
    4.  One-on-One "Student Reflection" meetings are conducted in which an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) is reviewed with each      student (highlights progress in each course and outlines missing work, as applicable).
    Students also have the opportunity to ask questions related to orientation, technical concerns, etc.