The Williamsport Area High School Guidance Department provides various student services ranging from career and college planning, to course scheduling and personal well-being. Each grade has a dedicated staff to serve the needs of students in each level of their high school career.

Meet Your School Counselors

Mrs. Jessica Becker
12th grade - Class of 2024
[email protected]
570-323-8411 ext. 60522

Mrs. Susan Hunsinger
10th grade - Class of 2026
[email protected]
570-323-8411 ext. 60521
Mrs. Kate Harris
11th Grade - Class of 2025
[email protected]
570-323-8411 ext. 60524

Mrs. Kaitlin Eck
9th grade - Class of 2027
[email protected]
570-323-8411 ext. 60523


Mrs. Patrice Evano
Guidance Secretary
[email protected]
570-323-8411 ext. 60520
Mrs. Barb Fritz
Guidance/Athletics Secretary
*Contact for records requests for current students
570-323-8411 ext. 60528

For transcript requests for WAHS graduates, please contact: 
District Service Center at 570-327-5500 or WAHS graduates can request transcripts through Parchment at

Course Selection

Course selection for the next school year will begin in February 2024. Counselors will meet individually with students during their English classes. Students should review the course catalog before meeting with their counselor so they know what classes they want to request for next year. 

Parents/guardians - students will bring a copy of their course request sheet home for you to review and sign. Please reach out to your student's counselor with any questions. 

Below is a copy of the 2023-24 Course Catalog.


Scholarships are made available to students as they are received. We will also make announcements about other local scholarships and awards as they become available.  It is important for seniors to make an appointment in guidance and pay close attention to the morning announcements to be aware of opportunities. 

2023 WAHS Common Scholarship

The WAHS Common Scholarship Application includes a list of local scholarships administered by the WAHS Counseling office. Please read each scholarship and check the ones that you wish to be considered for (and that you meet the specific qualifications). These are scholarships only available to WAHS seniors and are of amounts greater than $500. Recipients are announced at graduation ceremonies. 

Career Path — How to Choose

As soon as you enter high school, everyone starts asking you, “What are your plans for after high school?” For some, the answer comes easily, but for many, they remain uncertain about their plans until 11th or 12th grade. What options do you have? Maybe you will go to college, enlist in the military, get a full-time job, or go to a technical/trade school. Regardless of what you are considering, there are many things you can do now to help make the transition much easier for you!

In addition to discussing your interests with your school counselor, consider what skills you have as well as what type of environment you would want to work in. Do you want to be outside? Working and collaborating with others? Are you willing to move for your career? How do you feel about working with children or the elderly? There are many options available, and new careers are being created every day. If you still aren’t sure, consider some of the options below.

Complete an Interest Inventory

  • Interest inventories will ask you to respond to a series of questions and, based on your responses, will match your interests to a list of potential careers. Either of these would be a great starting point:

Do I Have to Go to College?

Research from the Pennsylvania Department of Education indicates that by 2025, 60% of Americans will need a post-secondary credential. Since 2011, the US economy has added 11.5 million net new jobs but only 80,000 for those with high school diplomas or less. 
Consider the following: Seventeen of the fastest growing jobs in the United States require less than a 4-year degree. The second fastest growing job, computer support specialist, requires an associate’s degree.

So do you have to go to college? The answer is probably yes, but not a traditional 4-year institution. There are a number of career and technical education programs that might better suit your needs.

As a freshman, it is important that you keep as many options open to you as possible upon graduation. You can keep more options open to you by doing your very best and getting involved in clubs and activities throughout your high school.


College Planning Guide for Parents

Affordable Colleges Online created the following guide to help ease the transition process by addressing the common first-year challenges for parents and their children. The following guide helps parents prepare for the high-school to college transition; explores the financial aid process; discusses concerns about housing and student independence; identifies on-campus resources for students; and offers resources for parents of high school students, college freshman, college students, and graduate school students. Click this link to access the guide: College Planning Guide

WAHS Graduation Requirements

1) Earn 23 credits in grades 9-12.                                            

Subject Credit 
English Credits 4.0 (1 Course per year)
Mathematics Credits 4.0* (1 Course per year)
Science Credits 3.0/4.0** (1 Course per year)
Social Studies Credits
3.0/4.0** (1 Course per year)
Physical Education/Health Credits      1.5
Arts and Humanities Credits 2.0
Electives Credits 4.5

* Any student that completes Calculus I by their Junior year has officially completed their high school math requirements.
** Students have a choice of a swing credit. They have the ability to choose a 4th course of science or social studies, their senior year, to fulfill graduation requirements.

2) Score Proficient or Advanced on the required Keystone Exams.


Career & Technical Education Program Completer Requirements:

1) Earn 23 credits in grades 9-12.

Subject Credit 
English Credits 4.0 (1 Course per year)
Mathematics Credits 4.0* (1 Course per year)
Science Credits 3.0 (1 Course per year)
Social Studies Credits
3.0 (1 Course per year)
Physical Education/Health Credits      1.5
Arts and Humanities Credits 2.0
Electives Credits 4.5

* Any student that completes Calculus I by their Junior year has officially completed their high school math requirements.

College Information

SAT and ACT: Which test should I take?

Which test should I take?  Learn more about the differences from the Princeton Review.
SAT Registration deadlines

ACT Registration deadlines


Parchment Exchange enables high school transcripts to be sent to post-secondary educational institutions electronically.

  • This adds speed and simplification to the transcript delivery.
  • There is no cost for this service to current high school students.
  • All students must create a Parchment account in order to send their transcripts.

Links for general information, quick start, and creating an account are listed below.

Student Services

Williamsport Area School District is aware that our students and their families are all different, and require various levels of support and information to help their children succeed in school and prepare for life after school. 

In addition to the services listed below, Williamsport Area High School provides assistance with 

  • Developmental Services
  • Assessment and Intervention
  • School Health
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • School Safety
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health Issues
  • School Social Workers
  • Peer Mediation

SAP (Student Assistance Program)

Are you facing a challenging issue? Do you have a friend who is struggling? The SAP team can help.

We are a group of specially-trained teachers, counselors, and administrators who are here to help.  Our team deals with mental health problems - like depression and suicidal thoughts.  We also provide support to those who may be experimenting with alcohol or other drugs.

Our referral process is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL! Referrals can be made by talking to any principal, counselor or teacher. Anonymous referrals can also be made in the library - there is a drop box inside the library's entrance.