Electronic Device and Cell Phone Usage

Electronic Device and Cell Phone Usage

Williamsport Area High School Personal Electronic Device and Cell Phone Usage



Our Philosophy

The possession and silent use of personal electronic devices by students is permitted at WAHS.  Usage must be consistent with the regulations established in the Acceptable Use Policy, must not be a disruption to the educational process, create a safety hazard, or violate state law or local Board policy.  This policy reflects a good faith attempt to incorporate modern technology practices to enhance the educational and social habits of our students.

Defining a Personal Electronic Device

Electronic devices shall include all devices that can take photographs, record audio or video data, store, transmit or receive messages, data, or images; provide a wireless, unfiltered connection to the internet. Examples of these devices include, but shall not be limited to, smart phones, smart watches, headphones (wired or wireless), smart tablets, handheld game consoles, laptops, laser pointers, and universal remote devices.

Designated Zones

Restricted Area (Red Zone)

Personal Electronic Device and Cell Phone use is strictly forbidden and must be placed in the student’s backpack. Red Zone areas of the school include classroom, restrooms, physical education class, locker rooms, nurses’ office, or any other area where students or staff have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Personal Electronic Devices in the Red Zone must be invisible, inoperable, and inaudible.

Regulated Area (Yellow Zone)

Refers to areas in which teachers and staff can place restrictions on cell phone use.  Yellow zone areas include library, gym, auditorium, main office, principal’s office, guidance office, or any other area where students or staff have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Permitted Area (Green Zone)

Refers to areas in which the silent and appropriate use of cell phones is permitted.  Green zone areas include the cafeteria, commons before and after school, hallways between class changes, bus, before and after school, and extracurricular activities.




WAHS School Liability Statement
The district is not liable for the loss, damage, or misuse of a personal electronic device brought to school by a student.

WAHS Emergency Phone Use
For emergency use, a phone is available for student use in the main office.  A student must ask a teacher for permission to go to the main office for the use of the phone. 

Off School Property
There is prohibited Personal Electronic Device use that can occur off school property if the prohibited conduct is:

  • Directed at another student or students
  • Severe, persistent, or pervasive
  • Interferes with a student’s education, creates a threatening environment, or substantially disrupts orderly operations of the school
  • Social media and off school property prohibited use may be referred to the School Resource Officer (SRO)

WAHS Personal Electronic Device Assessment & Testing Protocols

The personal electronic device protocol exists to discourage the distribution or possession of assessment content or any other form of electronic cheating and to provide clarity for all stakeholders regarding how violations of the protocol during testing/assessment situations will be handled by the district.  If it is determined, through the search of the device, that the assessment is captured on the phone, the student receives a “0” on the assessment and the classroom teacher follows the continuum listed below.



Exceptions to the prohibitions set forth in this policy may be made for health, safety, educational or emergency reasons with prior approval of the building principal or designee, or when use is provided for in a student’s individualized education program (IEP).


Students may not possess electronic devices during standardized testing sessions under any circumstance