The Williamsport Area High School offers a setting for students to grow and to interact with teachers and fellow students in learning. In cooperation with the home and the community, the school recognizes individual abilities, attitudes, and behaviors and encourages each student's aesthetic, intellectual, moral, physical and social development.

The following courses are required for graduation. In addition to the standard courses, many honors and advanced placement courses within each discipline are also offered.

  • Four English courses are required, one at each grade level 9-12. 
  • Four math courses are required, one at each grade level 9-12.
  • Three or four science and social studies courses are required for graduation, or three of each are required when the student is a completer of a Career and Technical Education program.
  • Students are required to complete a semester each of Physical Education 01 and Health 01. After completion of those requirements, they must complete EITHER an additional Physical Education course or Health 02.

Students are also able to select elective courses from:

  • World Languages
  • Career & Technical Education
  • Fine & Performing Arts
    • Choral Music – 5 performing groups
    • Orchestra – 3 different orchestras
    • Band – 3 different bands
  • Visual Arts
    • Two-Dimensional (Drawing, Painting, Printmaking)
    • Three-Dimensional (Clay, Sculpture, Jewelry)
    • Photography & Digital Media 

2023-2024 WAHS Course Catalog

2024-2025 WAHS Course Catalog

Career & Technical Education

Students interested in more hands-on learning and technical trades may select courses that fall under our Career & Technical Education program.  Learn more.

Military Wall

The Military wall is a wall near the Library of everyone that graduated in the past that have joined the military.