Gifted Education

Is your child gifted?

As a parent, you are uniquely qualified to know your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses.  Parents who believe their child may need gifted education services should contact their building principal and request that their child receive a gifted screening and/or evaluation.  See the following list of gifted learning and behavioral characteristics that may be helpful in identifying a gifted learner.  Keep in mind that few students will exhibit all of these characteristics.


keen observer; alert, inquisitive nature; questions the how and why of things; eager.


quickly masters facts; retains and applies information; needs minimal instruction on routine tasks.


demonstrates persistent goal-directed behavior; has long attention span.


sensitive and intuitive; empathizes with others; flexible and open in manner; concerned with values and ideals.


reads a wide range of materials for information and pleasure; uses reference works effectively at an early age.


possesses an advanced vocabulary; expresses him or herself fluently; shows humor; asks probing questions.


works independently; needs minimal directions; organizes tasks, peers, and events; often serves as a leader; respected by peers.


analyzes and is logical; reasons out complicated things.


imaginative, versatile, and adaptable; flexible in ideas and actions; possesses problem-solving ability.


perceives and abstracts ideas; sees relationships; grasps underlying principles; integrates areas of knowledge.


possesses unusual interest and aptitude in an academic area.


a producer who has a knack for using the limited resources, time, and people in a learning environment to achieve outstanding results; generates new ideas and viewpoints; proposes novel solutions.

Gifted Services-Referral/Screening

WASD conducts an annual search for students that may potentially be gifted after the first marking period. A parent, teacher or building principal may request a child to be evaluated for a gifted multidisciplinary evaluation throughout the year. However, a student may only be screened once per school year. The school district shall determine the student’s needs through a screening of multiple assessment results and an evaluation process.
Two students holding plaque


For students who are potentially gifted students, the district will take the following steps:

  1. Screen students’ academic progress using multiple sources
  2. Collect teacher and parent input
  3. Conduct the Gifted Multidisciplinary Evaluation
  4. Compile a Gifted Written Report
  5. Convene a Gifted Individual Education program team meeting to determine whether the student is gifted
  6. Develop a Gifted Individual Education program if the student is a gifted student

Gifted Programming

The WASD Gifted Education Program is committed to educational excellence.  Ongoing assessment and suggestions ensure that our program provides for the needs of gifted students in all grades. Gifted support services ranging from enrichment to acceleration are matched to the needs of individual learners to provide an environment where students can maximize their exceptional ability and potential.