National Junior Honor Society

Eligibility Requirements

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an organization that recognizes students who demonstrate excellence in and meet the qualifications of the five pillars described below. 

  • Scholarship: Candidates must achieve and maintain honor roll status during the current school year.
  • Service: Candidates must volunteer at least eight (8) hours of time per semester to qualify for NJHS.
  • Leadership: Candidates must demonstrate participation and leadership in school and outside activities. (This can include music groups, service clubs, sports and approved outside activities will earn a student points in this category.)
  • Character: Candidates must demonstrate Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Fairness and Caring, and can accumulate no more than two (2) demerits. Upon the addition of a third demerit, a student will no longer be eligible for membership even if they meet the other qualifying criteria. (Demerits are given to students for behaviors such as detentions, suspensions and tardies). Students must also have less than 10 percent absenteeism, demonstrate the pillars of Character and be recommended by two (2) teachers.  
  • Citizenship: Candidates must understand the importance of the “4 Be’s.” Involvement with such activities as scouting, community organizations, and school clubs are essential.
2019 NJHS Members

Get Invited to Join!

Being a member of the NJHS is an excellent opportunity to develop those standards and habits that are important to success in high school, college and a career. For those enrolled at WAMS, here's how the program works at each grade level.

Seventh-Grade Students

  • To receive an invitation to join NJHS as a seventh-grader, a student must have earned honor roll for the first two marking periods.
  • Invited students must complete an application.
  • All seventh-graders must re-confirm their membership via the NJHS Contract, in eighth-grade, to continue membership.
  • All members must maintain honor roll status.

Eighth-Grade Students

  • To receive an invitation to join NJHS as an eighth-grader, a student must have earned honor roll for the first two marking periods.
  • If honor roll was not earned in seventh grade, but has been earned for the first two marking periods of eighth grade, a student is eligible to be invited for membership. 
  • Invited eighth-grade candidates must complete the application.
  • All members must maintain honor roll status.
Student Speaks at NJHS Ceremony

Important Dates

Important date notices will be posted for the 2022-2023 school year when available. 

Students at Ceremony