Student Life

So many new opportunities…

Jackson Primary School students will explore many subjects, learn about things near and far, and be creative in all that they do.

Lessons will be reinforced and positive behaviors rewarded, creating a school environment that children will want to come to each day.


Children love art. Art is more than doodling on paper or learning to color inside the lines. Our art curriculum will help teach children in kindergarten through third grades about:

  • Self-discovery through art
  • Exploring imagination
  • Cultural and community diversity
  • Nature

Young girl coloring with crayon


No matter how our musical tastes can differ from person to person, music can inspire, feed our emotions, and provide an outlet for creative expression. Music can also be used to help teach concepts like counting, math, historical facts, science and more. Williamsport Area School District has a strong foundation in music and has been named one of the Best Communities for Music Education for the past 16 years.

WASD orchestra