Home Schooling


Below you will find documentation regarding home schooling, registration services, contact information and an available PDF version of WASD's home schooling packet. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kelli Neece in the Student Services Department at 570-327-5500, ext. 40000.

Students who are enrolled in home schooling either all day or half day are not eligible for a WAHS diploma and are not included in consideration for awards or GPA standings, such as honor roll.


Under School Board Policy 137, home-educated students will be permitted to participate in curricular, co-curricular and athletic activities of the school district subject to administrative regulations and the availability of openings in the program after accommodating the needs of students enrolled on a full-time basis.

No special transportation accommodations will be provided to home-educated students.

Home-educated students who wish to participate in any WASD activity will be required to complete a full enrollment registration packet and provide all required documentation. The school principal and staff will be responsible for supervision and discipline of home-educated students while participating in school activities. Students will be expected to follow all rules and regulations of WASD.

Appendix A: The affidavit is required by the Williamsport Area School District for home schooling. The form must be submitted to Ms. Cynthia Ward at the Williamsport District Service Center at least two (2) weeks in advance of when homeschooling will begin. Once the application has been reviewed and approved by the director of student services, a letter will be sent confirming approval by the school district. An affidavit is required for each individual child being enrolled in homeschooling. A new affidavit must be submitted every year by Aug. 1.

Appendix A

Materials Request

Appendix B: Homeschooling parents may request materials from WASD. The request for materials form is due in the Office of Student Services by Aug. 12. A form needs to be completed for each student for whom the request is being made. All materials borrowed must be returned by June 30 when the evaluators certification is submitted.

Appendix B: Materials Request Form

Academic Class Enrollment Request

Appendix C: Homeschooled students may enroll in WASD academic classes. Appendix C is used for all requests to participate in curricular academic classes. Requests received after the Aug. 12 deadline will still be accepted, but will be based on availability and current enrollment in the requested class. Students enrolling to take any academic classes must complete a full district student registration packet and provide all required documentation. No special transportation accommodations will be provided for students taking academic classes.

Academic Class Enrollment Request

PIAA Interscholastic Athletics Participation (Grades 7-12)

Appendix D: Homeschooled students wishing to participate in PIAA interscholastic athletics should complete Appendix D, the full district student registration packet, and provide all required documentation. An athletic physical and PIAA paperwork must also be completed for participation (document links provided below). Requests made after the Aug. 12 deadline will still be accepted, but cannot guarantee participation if the sport(s) season has already started.

Appendix D: PIAA Athletic Participation Request

Athletic Paperwork & Physical Instructions


Career & Technical Education (CTE) Program Application (Grades 7-12)

Students attending home education programs and who reside in the Williamsport Area School District will be given an equal opportunity to apply for placement in available programs at the Williamsport Area High School.  Home Education students wishing to participate should use the link below to apply for an available program.  All applications must be received no later than March 1st to be considered for program enrollment. 

2023-2024 WAHS CTE Application

Full-Time Enrollment

A student who was enrolled in homeschooling and chooses to enroll full time at WASD, will be placed at the appropriate grade level based upon their current age and date of birth. Further academic testing may be required by the school district to ensure the student is enrolled in classes where they can be successful in the school setting. Any student who enrolls at Williamsport Area High School as a full-time student must take the required core courses as required by the school board policy including math, social studies, language arts and science, and will be required to participate in standardized state tests as required by the state of Pennsylvania.

Any homeschool student who enrolls full time at Williamsport Area High School will be required to meet all graduation credit and course requirements to graduate with a WAHS diploma. Course credits will be awarded based upon review of evaluation documentation submitted to WASD in prior years.

Staff Contacts & Resources

Application/Affidavit/Questions About Home Schooling:
Mrs. Kelli Neece
570-327-5500, ext. 40000

Director of Student Services
Dr. Brandon Pardoe
570-327-5500, ext. 40310

Athletic Director
Mr. Sean McCann 
570-323-8411, ext. 60507

Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) (Updated: January 2016)
Home Education