Chromebook Insurance Program

About the Program

The district will cover maintenance and minor wear-and-tear typical of normal use of the Chromebook device. Any damage exceeding normal wear-and-tear will be the responsibility of the student. The district is offering an optional Chromebook Insurance Program to provide financial protection against accidental damage (including screen breakages) of the Chromebook devices. 

This program is self-funded, and all monies collected will be deposited into a special account to be used for repair or replacement of damaged, lost or stolen student devices. The purpose of this program is to help offset the cost of a lost or damaged Chromebook to families, and it can provide significant savings in the event of accidental damage or loss.

Chromebook Insurance Program Graphic

Coverage Details

By enrolling in the WASD Chromebook Insurance Program, the following will be covered:

  1. Damage to the Chromebook on school property or any other location.
  2. Accidental Damage caused by liquid spills, drops, falls, and collisions.
  3. Pays for loss or damages due to theft; a claim must be made the next school day and must include a copy of a police report.
  4. Pays for loss or damage due to fire; a copy of the official fire report from the investigating authority must be included with the claim.
  5. Pays for damage to the Chromebook due to electrical surges.
  6. Pays for loss caused by natural disasters.

The parent/guardian may not substitute homeowner insurance or personal insurance for WASD Chromebook Insurance Program. The insurance fee cost is not subject to reduction or refund for partial year participation due to late enrollment in, or early withdrawal from, the school district.

For incidents covered by optional insurance, parents/guardians will be asked to submit payment of any applicable cost share fees prior to the student receiving a repaired or replaced device. For incidents not covered by optional insurance, Parents/Guardians will be invoiced for the full cost of repair or replacement.

In the event that invoices are not paid within thirty (30) days, any or all of the following actions may be taken by the district, until such time as the invoiced amount is paid in full:

  • additional correspondence/contact requesting payment,
  • withholding of student grades and/or transcripts,
  • suspension of discretionary activities for the student,
  • referral to a collection agency, and,
  • in cases where a replacement device is necessary, the district will decide what type of device will be provided as a replacement.


The Chromebook Insurance Program enrollment period is from the beginning of the school year through Oct. 1. For new students enrolling in the school district after the Oct. 1 enrollment deadline, the enrollment period will be within the first ten (10) school days after receiving a student device. After the enrollment period, parents/guardians will need to wait until the subsequent school year to enroll and would therefore be fully responsible for damage to the Chromebook.

Terms & Conditions

The annual coverage fee is "per student." The initial coverage fee includes one (1) incident per year. A cost share fee equal to the student’s annual coverage fee will be charged for subsequent incidents for the same device for the remaining school year.

The insurance policy covers accidental damage. The only exclusions are dishonest, fraudulent, intentional, negligent or criminal acts, which would result in the complete repair and/or replacement to be paid by the student.

Any purposeful damage will be classified as vandalism. Students will be billed for repairs caused by vandalism, and disciplinary action may be taken. If the Chromebook is misplaced, lost, or stolen, you must notify the school immediately and file a police report within 48 hours of the incident with a copy of the police report provided to the district.

Below is a chart that breaks down the cost based on a student's free, reduced or paid lunch status. 

Lunch Status  Enrollment Fee   Cost Share 


Students who participate in the WASD Chromebook Insurance Program and maintain good standing each of those years are eligible to keep their device at the completion of that program phase.

Students who enroll in the middle of program phase are not eligible for this benefit until the following program phase. Students who opt out of any year within a program phase are also opting out of the Enroll-to-Own benefit for that program phase. Students who do not maintain a good standing in the Chromebook Insurance Program (e.g. outstanding cost share fees or invoices past 30 days) are disqualified from participating in the Enroll-to-Own benefit.

Summer Break

Students who participate in the WASD Chromebook Insurance Program are eligible to maintain custody of their Chromebook devices over summer break. Students who opt-out of the WASD Chromebook Insurance Program are also opting out of maintaining custody of that device over summer break. All devices for students who have not enrolled in that school year’s Insurance Program will be collected at the end of the school year and distributed back to the student at the beginning of the following school year.