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    Williamsport PA 17701
    (570) 601-3980 Toll free number (within PA only) 1-877-608-3980
    Fax: 570-327-0650
    Employer Information
    Employer Quarterly Returns are due:

    1st quarter, April 30
    2nd quarter July 31st
    3rd quarter October 31st
    4th quarter by January 31 of the following year.
    Annual Reconciliation is due February 28th of the following year
    Nonresident Tax Levy
    Employers that have locations in municipalities that levy a nonresident tax should withhold at the higher of the employee's
    resident tax rate or the nonresident tax rate.  NOT BOTH

    Employer Questionniare - To be filled out by any new employer to register with this office  (PDF format)


    Employer Withholding Rates - List of the districts within our taxing jurisdiction with their respective tax rates

    Employer Quarterly - Form for quarters from January 1, 2012 thru current. (Adobe PDF fill in format)

    Quarterly return of income tax withheld years prior to 2012 - For years 2011 & prior. PDF format


    Reconciliation of Income tax withheld - Current year end W-2 reconciliation form.  Can be used for years
                                                                                                       2012 to the present tax year. PDF format


    Reconciliation 2011 & Prior - For tax years 2011 & prior PDF format


    Advance Payment Form - PDF Format


    Direct Deposit Form - PDF Format


    Direct Deposit & Electronic Filing Instructions <-New information! (updated 1/25/12)


    ACT 32 - View Act 32


    PSD codes - Statewide - PDF format


    PSD codes - Lycoming County - Excel file


    Certificate of Residence for Employees


    Notice of Intention to file Combined Returns & Make Combined Payments

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