Grades K-3

Separated by subject area below are websites listed for parent and student access. There are several names on the list that reference the WASD Dashboard where our students may access using their provided username and password given from the district.

Unified Arts            
Brain break activities and videos

Cosmic Kids
Makes yoga and mindfulness fun for kids

Virtual Museum Tours
Twelve famous virtual museum tours

Chrome Music Lab
Website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments

Study Island
Available in WASD Dashboard

Available in WASD Dashboard

Accelerated Reader
Available in WASD Dashboard

PBS Kids (grades K-1)
Available in WASD Dashboard

Encourages wondering/research across all subject areas

Unite for Literacy
Online books

Offers online learning games
Number of the Day
Offers fluency practice that is updated daily with a new number

Study Island (grades 2-3)
Available in WASD Dashboard

Available in WASD Dashboard with GoMath!

IXL Math (grades K-1)
Available in WASD Dashboard 

Xtra Math
Available in WASD Dashboard

Parent Resources             
ReadyRosie (pre-K through grade 3)
Early learning activities at home

Science/Social Studies/STEM             

Coding and games

Interactive stories, games and animations
Computer science
Interactive programming and coding

Offers planetary science information

Google Tour Builder
Mapping places you visited and the experiences you've had along the way

PBS Kids
Interactive games

Smart Futures (grade 3) 
Available on the WASD Dashboard