Frequently Asked Questions: Elementary (K-6)

ELEMENTARY K-6: (Cochran, Jackson, Hepburn, Stevens, Lyco Valley, Curtin)

Q:  Will students be provided a device?   

A:  Yes. WASD has moved to 1:1 learning. All eligible students will receive a Chromebook device the first week of school.

Q:  What if I have my own device?   

A: All students must use a district issued device.  

Q:  What if I don’t have reliable internet connection?   

A:  The District is in the process of working with outside agencies to offer remote learning sites. As well as placing hotspots throughout our district.  

Q: What happens  if the school district has to close again?  

A: If we close schools, students  will transition to remote learning with their same teacher.  

Q: How will elementary school students be socially distancing when arriving in the schools and classrooms? 

A: We are working with transportation to stagger arrival times. As students are walking to class, faculty and staff will be in hallways to ensure that students are wearing masks. Because this transition is less than 15 minutes, our plan does enable social distancing to be less than 6 feet during transitions. Masks must be worn. 

Q:  What will busing look like? Will masks need to be worn? 

A:  Students will load the bus from the back to the front.  Students will be expected to sit two students per seat in assigned seats.  Since social distancing cannot be guaranteed on the bus, students will be required to wear a face mask on the bus.   

Q:  What time will schools open for parents to drop their children off if they drive them rather than ride the bus?   

A:  Primary Buildings - 8:50 a.m. - 9:05 a.m. 
Intermediate Buildings - 8:35 a.m. - 8:50 a.m. 
WAMS -7:20 a.m. - 7:50 a.m. 
WAHS - 7:20 a.m. - 7:40 a.m. 

Q: Will the elementary students be required to wear their masks for the whole day? How will the teachers be handling the implementation of the mask wearing? 

A: We are requiring all staff and students to wear masks to support the safety and health of our entire school community. Students will be able to remove their masks while outside, when eating lunch, and when maintaining social distancing in the classrooms.

Q: Will face coverings be provided or does each student bring their own? 

A:  WASD will provide a mask for any student that needs one.  Masks are mandatory for all students as they enter the building and walk in common areas.  Parents and Students are strongly encouraged to purchase their own masks for student use in the school setting.  Families are encouraged to regularly wash personal masks at home.

Q: Will students be sharing classroom materials? 

A: No. Students will have their own learning boxes and will not be sharing materials.

Q: Will there be regular specials in the elementary schools?  

A: In schools, teachers will come to classrooms to offer the specials. PE will be held in the gym when possible. We will try and schedule classes outside to the extent the weather, space and schedule allows.  

Q: Will GIEP students still receive enrichment activities?   

A: Yes, this will continue. The location may change from previous years, but the service will be provided. 

Q: Will elementary children still have recess?  

A: Yes, students will be provided with a fresh air break. Initially, playground equipment will not be available, but we will continue to evaluate that every two weeks. 

Q: Will water fountains be available for students to use during the school day?  

A: No, touchless water bottle fillers will be available for student use.  Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle to fill throughout the school day using the WASD touchless water bottle filling stations.  

Q: Will hand sanitizer be available for students during the school day?  

A: Yes, every classroom has a hand sanitizing station available for student use.  Hand sanitizing stations will also be available in hallways and other high traffic areas for student use.  Students are encouraged to bring their own personal hand sanitizer with them to use throughout the school day.   

Q:  Will an exception be made for Special Education students so that they can be in school more frequently?   

A:  Students with an IEP that are at the highest risk of regression in the remote model will be offered a 4 day in-person and 1-day remote option.  
Autistic Support (K-12)  
Life Skill Support (K-12)  
MDS (K-12)  
Deaf/HOH (K-12)  
Supplemental LS/ES (K-8)  
Special Education-Itinerant (K-12)  
Supplemental LS/ES (9-12)  

Q: Can students switch learning options during the year?   

A: For staffing reasons, we are asking elementary families who start in the remote setting and remain for one marking period, 9 weeks. 

Q:  If I chose remote learning, how do I receive my device?   

A:  Remote learners will pick up their device at the WASD Technology Office, 1400 West Third Street, Williamsport. 

Q: For both in-person and remote learning instruction, will K-6 students have access to library books? 

A: For in-person, we will utilize an online catalog reservation system. In our Remote Option, students will have access to Epic books which are digital books on- line. The remote teacher will provide a class code which permits students access to a full library of books which also provides auditory support if selected.  

Q: Will the instrumental and chorus music programs in the elementary schools continue as in the past? Is there an instrumental/chorus music opportunity for the remote learning? If not, what will happen in upcoming years for a child who has missed a year of instrumental music? 

A: Some details of our plan are still being worked out and we will communicate the answers as soon as possible. We intend to offer instrumental and chorus, with modifications, when it can be offered safely.

Q:  Will after school clubs and/or sports be offered by outside organizations or by teachers?   

A:  At this time, no outside organizations are able to use school facilities. This will limit additional potential exposure to COVID-19 for our students and staff and allow time for proper cleaning.

Q:  Will I be able to volunteer at my child’s school?   

A:  No. The district is working to limit additional potential exposure to COVID-19 for our students and staff.