Municipal & School Earned Income Tax Office
2790 West Fourth Street

Williamsport PA 17701
(570) 601-3980 Toll free number (within PA only) 1-877-608-3980
Fax: 570-327-0650


Municipal Statistics - Use this site to look up an address.  Will allow you to identify the school district/municipality an address is within as well as the tax rates  
Fact Finder - U.S. Census site can be used to search an address to see what township/borough it is located in.  Useful when the Municipal Statistics site cannot identify an address. 
Local Earned Income Tax Collectors & Rates - Use if you know the county/township/borough/city you need taxing information on


  Send questions or comments to:
Individual Taxpayers
 Mrs. Mel Rockey



Last Modified on August 15, 2016