Educational Enrichment Resources

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Dear WASD Families: 

During this unexpected school district closure, educational enrichment at home can continue when families and the school district work together.

The district is receiving questions about whether we will try to remotely provide instruction to students at home. We recognize the challenges and limitations for all homes having the needed access to technology devices and Internet capabilities to deliver meaningful and equitable online instruction. For these reasons, the district is not requiring online learning as a replacement to classroom instruction, which would be inconsistent, inequitable and, for some homes, impossible.

In the next few days, families will receive a phone call and text message asking each household to take a brief survey on the availability of technology devices in the home and the ability to access the Internet.  We ask all families to participate to ensure the school district has the most accurate information to inform our planning.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education is not requiring schools to deliver online education and also recognizes the lack of continuity this may create in school communities. Additionally, when a district is closed because of COVID-19 response efforts and is not providing educational services to students, the district is also not required to provide services to students with disabilities or students with 504 plans during that closure.

The district’s curriculum team along with building principals have reviewed options that are accessible by a smartphone or other devices that can access the Internet.   We will provide a listing of educational enrichment resources that are free and easily accessible.  Families may want to use these resources to maintain, continue and enrich their children’s learning while schools remain closed. The available resources are not meant to replace instructional time, and work completed will not count as school assignments or extra credit.  

Finally, WASD believes the best instruction is classroom instruction in our schools. We are hopeful that school closures will be short and we will all be back in our classrooms with teachers soon.


WASD Curriculum Team