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Harlem Wizards Event Raises $11,240 for WASD Education Foundation

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (FEBRUARY 8, 2017) — The Harlem Wizards benefit basketball game hosted at Williamsport Area High School on Feb. 6 raised $11,240 for the WASD Education Foundation.  More than 1,900 people attended the event.
Since 2014, the event has entertained more than 7,500 people from the school community and has collectively raised $43,714 for the education foundation, which supports and enhances educational programming at WASD.  
Additionally, the district's Title 1 program has joined in on the fun by also hosting its annual Family Night at the fundraiser, sponsoring a book giveaway and providing information on how to support reading at home.  Since joining up with the function, the departments Family night has realized record attendance numbers.