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By Sofie Howard

Recently twelve students from the CTE programs competed in the Skills USA competition held at Pennsylvania College of Technology.  Students from all over the region attended the competition. At the competition, PCT seniors enrolled in the respective programs where on site to answer questions and assist the high school students.  Williamsport sent representatives from the culinary, engineering and robotics, health occupations, graphic design, computer applications, welding, drama, and early childhood development programs.  Students were given a problem or a task for which they needed to prepare, and in some instances, students were given a list of materials to bring with them to the competition. Each discipline had different experiences and expectations.  For example, students in the culinary program had to bring items such as scales, knives, strainers, rolling pins, and food coloring.  “I carried a chalkboard around all day!” senior Ally Shephard laughed.   Ally is a fourth year student in the early childhood development program.  Students in the early childhood development program had to prepare a lesson plan to present and bring a children’s book to read.  Unlike the program at the high school where students teach preschool classes, the students had to interact with the judges at the competition as though the judges were the children. “It was definitely a little weird,” senior Arianna Figured reported.  “We are used to working with our kids every day, but reading a book to a room full of adults using your “little kid voice” is a little awkward.”  This was Arianna’s first time at the competition.  “When I first signed up I wasn’t too sure what I was getting myself into,” she recalled.  “It was a really great experience, though,” she said.  The first thing the health occupation students did was take a written test.  “We knew we had a test so I studied the material pretty well beforehand and felt I did well on it,” explained Kylie Hamilton.   Some of the students that didn’t have tests in the regional competition said they will probably have written exams at the state level.  The state competition is held in Harrisburg on April 19-21.  Rayne Murray (Medical Assisting) and Chase Weber (Computer Maintenance) will advance to this competition.  Students will receive a new set of problems and tasks for this competition and will be expected to perform more complex tasks this round.  All first place finishers at the state level will advance to the national competition in Louisville, KY June 19-23.



Skills USA



CAPTION:  Front row:  Kylie Hamilton, 3rd place Basic Health Care;  Victor Marino, Computer Information Technology ;  Ariyana Stafford, 3rd place Extemporaneous Speaking;  Alexandra Shephard, 2nd place Job Skill Demonstration;  Arianna Figured, 2nd place Early Childhood Education.  Back row:  Nathan Kolmel, Automotive Technology; Patrick Meale, 3rd place Technical Computer Applications;  Chase Weber, 1st place Computer Maintenance;  Dawson Redman, 2nd place Welding;  Rayne Murray, 1st place Medical Assisting.  Not pictured: Sofie Howard, Culinary and Warren Aungst, Medical Professions.