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Astronomy Debate

 Astronomy Debate

By Sofie Howard

Mrs. Yokitis’s astronomy/ meteorology class recently had a debate about the natural and human influences of global warming and climate change.  Each student chose a stance to represent:  anthropogenic (human) or natural.  Then students had to choose a topic to research in preparation for the debate.  Next students presented their research findings to the class.  On debate day, students were encouraged to dress professionally in order to earn extra points for their side.  During the debate, the subgroups from each side debated each other.  After each subgroup debated, the two sides gathered to prepare to a final statement.  The debate was judged by Mrs. Yokitis’s former astronomy students.   During the debrief students discussed to what extent their own opinions were influenced by the debate.  “My views definitely changed after the debate.  I know feel that both anthropogenic and natural causes contribute to global warming,” explained Dylan Immundo.