Providing structure and support

Stevens Primary School understands that this is a very challenging time for your student. He or she is beginning to learn who he or she is, and what he or she wants to be.

Communication is the key to a student’s success. Encourage him or her to talk to you, a teacher, or even a counselor to help the student find the answers he or she seeks.


Students are taught about different types of bullying (physical, verbal, non-verbal), what to do if they feel they are being bullied, and how to reduce bully/victim situations to create a positive school climate for all. Contact the school for more information.

Parent Alert Messaging System

Log-on to the parent portal, and find a link in the top left-hand corner under Alerting called SwiftReach Swiftk12.

You will be able to choose the communication preference based on message category, such as school closures or attendance, as well as message type (email, voice/ and or text message). You may opt out of any message category except for Emergency Messages and Lunch Balance Contact 1 Cell Phone and Home Phone.

All contact information can be accessed via the Contact Information button on the top navigation. Edit or add cell/home and email for notifications. The information will also be updated for how schools contact you personally. Please Note: Setting up your parent preferences is your responsibility. You will receive messages to every contact field shown in Alert Preferences until you update them in the parent portal. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school.

Student/Parent Handbook

All students receive a copy of the student handbook on their first day of school at Stevens Primary School.

The following is requested of all parents/guardians:

  • Parents/guardians review the student handbook together during the first week of school.
  • Parents/guardians check the agenda every night so they are aware of their student's daily assignments. At a minimum, all students are expected to read for a minimum of 30 minutes each day outside of school time. Again, the handbook and agenda are communication tools between the students, teacher, and parents/guardians.

2021-2022 Stevens Student-Parent Handbook

This resource provides valuable information for you and your child about daily life, policies, and expectations at Stevens Primary School.

Download 2021-2022 Stevens Student-Parent Handbook