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WASD Education Foundation Awards 122 Books to Summer Readers, Elementary Libraries

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October 24, 2019 | WASD Education Foundation

2019 Cochran Summer Readers

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (OCTOBER 24, 2019) — The Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation (WASDEF) announced today its distribution of 122 brand-new books to the elementary library system as part of its annual Building Libraries Through Literacy Program.

The books were granted to the same amount of elementary students who participated in and completed the district-led “Millionaires Read” and James V. Brown Library summer reading programs. Each book is dedicated to a summer reader on a nameplate on the inside cover that will now line the shelves in his or her respective school library for years to come.

This year’s recognition also included the provision of $5 gift card donated by Otto Bookstore to each of the students to put toward the purchase of a book to help them build their own home libraries, according to WASDEF Executive Director Greg Hayes.

 “The foundation’s goal with this program is to not only promote and encourage summer reading alongside the district but to also have students — in a way —  help ‘build’ their school libraries,” Hayes said, “while also getting an opportunity to leave a legacy of sorts to future students.”

Since 2011, the WASDEF program has helped grow the elementary library system’s inventory by more than 1,220 books — all through the reading effort put forth by students each summer.
Elementary Librarian Sarah Bohnert expressed her gratitude to the foundation, noting that the Foundation “continues to make a huge difference in the lives and learning” of district students.

“The WASD elementary libraries have greatly benefited from its generous support,” she added. “Funding for this program encourages many of our students to read throughout the summer. Reading is such a powerful game changer, and it all starts with opening a book. The foundation allows this to happen for our students throughout the entire year.” 

About the Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation
The Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation is the recognized nonprofit affiliate of the school district. The education foundation facilitates charitable giving and permanent legacies based on individual areas of interest in educational innovation, the arts, athletics and scholarships. For more information on the foundation, visit


2019 Summer Readers

Below is a listing of this year's summer readers in alphabetical order.  See more photos of the students accepting their books!

Tabitha Aderhold, Lycoming Valley
Aamilah Amos, Curtin
Saalih Amos, Cochran
Connor Baker, Cochran
Hunter Baney, Jackson
Charlotte Beiter, Cochran
Valerie Beiter, Cochran
Aiden Bell, Hepburn-Lycoming
Keller Best, Cochran
Henry Bonislawski, Hepburn-Lycoming
Zachary Bonislawski, Hepburn-Lycoming
Blaze Bower, Jackson
Deegan Bragg, Jackson
Antonio Bruno, Curtin
Sophia Burley, Hepburn-Lycoming
Avonlea Busbee, Hepburn-Lycoming
Howard Chen, Curtin
Richard Chen, Cochran
Olivia Ciccarelli, Hepburn-Lycoming
Madison Clark, Hepburn-Lycoming
Bryant Cole, Hepburn-Lycoming
Topanga Conrad, Cochran
Jeremiah Cook, Jackson
Isaac Cook, Lycoming Valley
Mary Cook, Lycoming Valley
Niall Crist, Cochran
Aria Cusumano, Jackson
Alivia Day, Cochran
Khloe Dewire, Hepburn-Lycoming
Waylon Edler, Lycoming Valley
Destiny Emerick, Jackson
Brennon Fair, Hepburn-Lycoming
Trennen Ferguson, Curtin
Aletha Fletcher, Cochran
Julie Forner, Jackson
Parker Fox, Curtin
Piper Fox, Cochran
Elaina Girton, Hepburn-Lycoming
Kaitlinn Gottschall, Curtin
Kammi Gottschall, Cochran
Anna Greenawalt, Lycoming Valley
Lily Hamilton, Curtin
Quinn Hamilton, Cochran
Kennedy Hamm, Hepburn-Lycoming
Nico Harlan, Cochran

Jaelyn Harris, Lycoming Valley
Addyson Harrison
, Cochran
Connor Harstead
, Lycoming Valley
Kaylee Hassler
, Hepburn-Lycoming
Jennifer Hawkins
, Lycoming Valley
Eliana Haywood
, Lycoming Valley
Emily Frank, Curtin
Alexander Frank, Cochran
Gabriel Frey, Cochran
Connor Gimmi, Hepburn-Lycoming
Ava Girton, Lycoming Valley
Jace Heller
, Hepburn-Lycoming
James Hill, Lycoming Valley
Zoey Hill, Hepburn-Lycoming
Tate Hill, Hepburn-Lycoming
Aubrey Holt, Cochran
Tianna Hostrander, Lycoming Valley
Bryce Kelley, Cochran
Camron Kelly, Jackson
Elias Kennedy, Hepburn-Lycoming
Ellie Kinley, Hepburn-Lycoming
Elizabeth Kirk, Lycoming Valley
Cason Kline, Hepburn-Lycoming
Gabriel Knipe, Cochran
Naomi Lee, Curtin
Harrison Lehman, Cochran
Melanie Lepley, Lycoming Valley
Gabrielle Lepley, Lycoming Valley
Sydney Malee, Curtin
Anna Manetta, Lycoming Valley
Elianna Matter, Cochran
Anya Miller, Hepburn-Lycoming
Rocco Mirabito, Lycoming Valley
Aria Mitchell Johnson, Hepburn-Lycoming

Zoe Moses-Oneal, Jackson
Emerson Pawlak
, Hepburn-Lycoming
Johanna Pelly
, Curtin
Caroline Pelly
, Curtin
Samantha Pick
, Jackson
Bethany Pick
, Jackson
Cullen Redos
, Hepburn-Lycoming
Shareece Reeves
, Jackson
Keyahna Reeves
, Jackson
Isaiah Reeves
, Lycoming Valley
Anna Rhone
, Hepburn-Lycoming
Max Roan,
Bailey Roberts
, Hepburn-Lycoming
Lyla Roberts
, Hepburn-Lycoming
Kairi Robidoux
, Lycoming Valley
Logan Rose
, Cochran
Luke Sanders
, Cochran
Maisie Saunders
, Curtin
Walter Saunders
, Cochran
Matthew Shipman
, Hepburn-Lycoming
Brett Smith
, Hepburn-Lycoming
Elizabeth Smith
, Curtin
Elouise Smith
, Cochran
Rachel Smock
, Cochran
Amelia Splain
, Hepburn-Lycoming
Violet Sponhouse
, Cochran
Zayvon Streater
, Jackson
Emmaline Sweeting
, Stevens
Josephine Sweeting
, Stevens
Lucy Sweeting
, Curtin
Audrey Swift
, Hepburn-Lycoming
Nora Swift, Hepburn-Lycoming
Logan Tawney, Hepburn-Lycoming
Gabriella Terrano, Jackson
Christopher Terrano, Lycoming Valley
Chad Valko-Emerick, Lycoming Valley
Aidan Weaver, Stevens
Meadow Wertz, Hepburn-Lycoming
Catherine Wiley, Cochran
Maliyah Williams, Cochran
Alliana Wright, Jackson
Lauren Zarzyczny, Jackson
Taitum Zarzyczny, Lycoming Valley

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