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We are excited to inform you of our WASD 1:1 Learning Initiative where every student at
Williamsport Area School District will receive a Chromebook device!
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This Chromebook device, coupled with our Learning Management System (LMS), Schoology,
and other software platforms such as GoGuardian, Office365 and ClassLink are integrated to
provide an easy to use, safe, single sign-on, common learning environment for every student at
Williamsport Area School District regardless of physical learning locations. Students’ online
activity is monitored and filtered 24/7 by the District’s Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
compliant web filter anywhere the student is using the device. Information will be provided on
the ability for Parents and/or Guardians to monitor their student’s activity and even apply
additional restrictions during non-instructional hours.

Program Overview

he WASD 1:1 Learning Initiative is an academic program, and the Board policies (815 and
224) govern the use of the Chromebook support its academic use. These Board polices can be
accessed on our District website at www.wasd.org. Students will be issued a Chromebook
device at the beginning of each program phase or upon enrollment to WASD. For additional
information on this initiative, please visit the WASD Website. Program phases are below:

Primary K - 3
Intermediate / Middle School 4 - 8
High School 9 - 12

Students will maintain custody of the same Chromebook device for the duration of their phase.
For instance, a new Kindergarten student will be issued a Chromebook at the beginning of their
school year. They will keep that Chromebook through each school year and summer (if enrolled
in the WASD Chromebook Insurance Program) until the end of their third-grade year. Then, at
the beginning of their fourth-grade year that student will be issued a new Chromebook device by
the district and they will maintain custody of that device throughout their new program phase.