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54 Celebrated in 2020 National Honor Society (Virtual) Ceremony

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May 29, 2020 | Community



 WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (MAY 29, 2020) — Fifty-four Williamsport Area High School students were celebrated in a virtual National Honor Society Ceremony Thursday night, and, from among them, 29 were inducted as new members from the senior class.

 The ceremony, replicated in an hour-and-15-minute video on Facebook produced by class adviser Seth Decker, honored each of the inductees who represent what are known as National Honor Society Ideals: scholarship, service, leadership and character.

This year’s senior inductees are:

  • Myles Barbour
  •  John Belford
  •  Aaron Bower
  •  Colby Brown
  •  Jonathan Cramer
  •  Wesley Engel
  •  Marti Fisher
  •  Riana Gair
  •  Connor Gautieri
  •  Gale Hall
  •  Jessica Harvey
  •  Julia Harvey
  •  Cole Johnson
  •  Dierdre Leblanc
  •  Samiyah Little
  •  Sam Mahler
  •  Drake Mankey
  •  Gavin Matthews
  •  Mason Nevill
  •  Shawna Newcomer
  •  Isaac Niemczyk
  •  Emily Pardee
  •  Katie Penman
  •  Quahme Powell
  •  Kylie Segraves
  •  Mia Shuler
  •  Vanessa Streit
  •  Ana Wagner
  •  Carlee Weber

Seniors previously inducted into the NHS were:

  • Arrington Auchter
  • Mackenzie Benner
  • Abigail Berthold
  •  Paige Diabelko
  •  Lily Douglass
  •  Chloe Erb
  •  Sophia Erb
  •  Rosemary Flock
  •  Jordan Francis
  •  Abbey Gross
  •  Zoey Harding
  •  Hannah Haussmann
  •  Sydney Hawk
  •  Alexandra Lake
  •  Olivia Lingard
  •  Kalindi Maggs
  •  Gabriel Manetta
  •  Ella Meckley
  •  Angelina Morrone
  •  Lydia Smith
  •  Amani Tran
  •  Zoe Wagner
  •  Rose Wascher
  •  Sascia Weaver
  •  Ethan Williamson

The ceremony also featured student keynote speaker Hannah Haussman, and Olivia Lingard, Rosemary Flock, Lydia Smith, and Zoe Wagner presented the ideals of the four pillars. 

 Members of the junior class who are also typically inducted into the NHS during the annual ceremony will be recognized in a more traditional format in the fall. 

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