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WAHS Virtually Honors Class of 2020's Top 5 Percent

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May 21, 2020 | Community

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (MAY 21, 2020) — In lieu of being celebrated during what would have been the seventh annual Top Hat Dinner, the Williamsport Area High School Class of 2020’s top 5 percent were virtually honored in a video slideshow for their academic success.

Seventeen seniors are being celebrated for their educational excellence, as well as their selected faculty honorees who influenced and inspired that success.  

The following students were honored: Ashlyn Bird, Paige Diabelko, Sophia Erb, Rosemary Flock, Riana Gair, Abbey Gross, Julia Harvey, Hannah Haussmann, Sydney Hawk, Alexandra Lake, Olivia Lingard, Kalindi Maggs, Samuel Mahler, Angelina Morrone, Erin Reilly, Zoe Wagner and Rose Wascher.

The following faculty honorees were: Debra Baier, Christine Butler, Seth Decker, Marie Fox, David Heller, Nicholas Karl, Todd Kendall, Amy Mahon, Marianne Miller, Spring Moore, Andrew Paulhamus, Chase Smith, Kent Weaver and Kevin Werner.

Each honoree was sent an Top Hat Award, sponsored by the Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation.

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