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"Beauty and the Beast"

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Beauty and the Beast Poster

About:  Beautiful Belle, dissatisfied with life in her small provincial French town, ignores her would-be suitor, the vain Gaston, as she cares for her father, the eccentric Maurice. When Maurice stumbles upon a foreboding castle while lost in the woods, the servants, enchanted into a progression toward becoming household objects, try to make him welcome, but he is thrown into the dungeon by the master of the castle, The Beast. Belle comes to rescue her father and agrees to remain in the castle as her father’s substitute. In order to break the spell, the Beast must learn to love another and be loved in return. Belle seems a likely candidate, but it takes the Beast a while to rein in his temper. Belle desperately misses her father, so the Beast sadly allows her to leave. Gaston, realizing the Beast is a rival for Belle’s affection, leads the townsfolk to storm the castle and kill him. Belle rushes back to the castle in time to profess her love for the Beast, and the spell is broken.

Tickets: General seating. $10/Adult, $5/Student

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