You are allowed to check out two books and a magazine. Items are due back to the library in two weeks. Please be responsible with the library items you check out.
    I hope you use the library often throughout your career at Curtin Middle School. I welcome book suggestions for ordering, and will do my best to get a book for you to borrow from another library if we don't have it available here.

    We use the Accelerated Reader (AR) program here with our books being labeled for both the reading level as well as point value.

    Also we welcome you to use the Ben Carson room for silent reading. This is a very special room in our library and we expect you to treat it with respect. You will get to use this room mainly through your Language Arts classes, although other teachers may send you to read in it as a reward.

    Get REAL @ your Library!

    Increase your success. 
    Find the right book for you!
    • Use DESTINY online catalog to begin your book search
    • Refine the search by using the READING PROGRAM feature
    • Customize your search by selecting subjects that are interesting to you
    • Give your book a chance.  Try reading 25 to 50 pages before abandoning a book.  Sometimes it takes the author a little while to set the stage.
    Ms. Tracie Drumheller

    85 Eldred Street
    Williamsport, PA  17701


Last Modified on September 6, 2011