Thank you for volunteering. Your efforts mean a great deal to all of our students and staff here at Cochran.


    In order to ensure the safety of the students and staff within the school, volunteers who serve on a regular basis in the school shall submit Act 34 and Act 151 clearances verifying criminal back-ground and Child Protective Services checks. The Act 34 and Act 131 clearances can be found on the web by clicking here. Then click on Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check Form (SP 4-184) and Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Form (CY-113), these forms can be printed. You may also request these forms from the office also. The PA Department of Health (Title 28) also requires volunteers to obtain a tuberculin skin test.

    When you receive the originals of your clearances, a copy must be made and kept on file here at Cochran. Please keep your originals for future reference. There is a cost of ($20) to obtain your clearances; volunteers who provide at least 20 hours of volunteer service to the District will be eligible for reimbursement. A “Volunteer Log" is in the office to record your volunteer hours. When you sign out please "log" your hours for that day. Once you accumulate 20 or more hours a reimbursement form will be submitted. Clearances are required only once during a multi-year period of continuous service, unless that service is disrupted for more than one calendar year.

    A record of you tuberculin skin test must also be kept on file. You will receive a letter from the district regarding date, time, and location of the test. This will be administered free of charge. Evidence of the tuberculin test shall be required for submission only once by a volunteer.

    Thank you for volunteering your time to the students and staff of Cochran.
    Volunteers Make a Difference!