Granger Stuck, a Cochran student from 1970-1975, recently responded to our request for updates on our Alumni. From his response, it is easy to see why we believe everything we do builds a better tomorrow.

    Thanks Mr. Stuck for your response!

    Mr. Stuck writes:

    My name is Granger Stuck, I went to Cochran for K thru 6th grade (1970 thru 1976). I'm currently a Project Executive for Clark Construction, a large national general contractor. I oversee the construction of large commercial projects, I'm currently working on a sports arena for the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, CA.

    One of my main Cochran memories was while in Mrs. Woodling's fifth grade class. While we didn't have "advanced" classes at that time, there was myself and another student (Adam Youngman) that apparently were above the skill of the rest of the class in math. While the rest of the class had math, we were sent into the janitor's supply room that was across from the classroom to work on our "advanced" math. I have to be honest though, we did more goofing around in the supply room than we did studying. I guess we got by though.

    Also, I spent my share of time in Mr. Dice's office (the Prinicpal at that time).

    Here is a photo of a job that I just completed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.