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    Years Spent at Cochran

    Current Status

    Greatest Cochran Memory

    Highlands Ranch, Colorado
    "I was a student of this school for my first through fourth grades, 1948 - 1952.  My father was the local FBI agent at the time.  We left in 1952 for Minneapolis when he went to work for General Mills.  My first grade teacher was Mrs. Cox, second grade teacher was Mrs. Kilgore, third grade teacher was Mrs. Ramsey, and fourth grade teacher was Mrs. Shiffer.  For the first couple years, we lived on Lincoln Avenue; later we moved to Oakland Avenue, just a half block from the school.  My formative school years provided an excellent educational foundation for my academic achievements which ended with a BS in Mathematics and an MCS in Computer Science.  My profound thanks.  I will always remember Cochran." 

    Mr. Matthew Radspinner



    1985 - 1991
    (K - 5)

    Orchestra Teacher - Curtin Middle School. Cochran and Sheridan Elementary Schools.

    As a young musicians Cochran was the best place to be. I have great memories of Mr David Knauss (Classroom music) and Mr Jeffrey Judd (Orchestra). I am proud to be apart of Cochran's past and I am excited to be involved in Cochran's future.

    Mr. Timothy Fausnaught

    (3rd, 4th, and 5th)

    Principal, Loyalsock School District

    “My favorite memories are playing basketball for the Cochran traveling team.  Mr. Dice, our principal was our coach.  We won the Renovo Midget Tournament and the Bethune Douglas tournament.  Mr. Dice was a very good man to be around.  He cared about us and wanted us to be positive contributors to society.  Also, my favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Rose.  She made learning fun for me and reminded me that I could be successful.”

    Peggy (Lupacchino) DiFrancesco

    1 (Kindergarten)

    1st Grade Teacher @ Cochran

    Gary Jacobs

    James R. Dougherty, Jr.

    Attended Cochran for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Jan 1965 - 1967

    Now the principal of Lycoming Valley Middle


    Mrs. Drukenmiller's music classes. Mr. Bielfield's 1000 fractions assignment for Mathematics class. Starting my first band instrument (percussion) with Mr. James Ritter. I later became a music teacher in the district myself.

    Annie Sampson

    K-5 (1986-)

    Cochran Parent

    Ms. Low and Mr. Mapes

    Joseph Winters (Pictured Below)

    K-5 (1993-1999)

    Montgomery Area High School

    "One of my best times at this school was when our class hatched chickens in Mrs. Goff's class. In addition, I had a lot of Fun in Mrs. Yingling's class. I loved it when we had open gym and Mr. Mapes was the teacher."

    Victoria Albarano


    A registered nurse and working as a patient care coordinator in the emergency department at St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, MD. Also, currently pursuing a degree as a family nurse practitioner at University of Maryland in Baltimore.

    "My favorite teacher was Miss Wright, who I had for 3rd grade in the portable classroom. She read the best stories to us – Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web were 2 of my favorites."

    Maureen (Christian) Ehle

    Attended 1st and 2nd Grade there in 1946-1948

    "I live now in Dallas, Oregon, 15 miles from the Oregon state capitol, Salem and 60 miles from Portland, Oregon. We love it here. The climate is much like Williamsport, except that, since we are closer to sea level, we don't get much snow."

    "My first grade class was in the first classroom to the right of the front door, my teacher was Mrs. Cox. At the time it was rumored that the Vice Principal kept a paddle hidden under his desk! I was perpetually late for school, finding it more fun to make daisy chains than to be in class. Mrs. Cox made me stay after school frequently. I used to walk or roller skate to and from school from our home on First Avenue. At that time, small kids could walk anywhere alone without fear of whatever. We used to play hopscotch and jump rope for exercise in the school yard."

    Ted Christian

    Attended Cochran from 1943 to 1948. Entered 1st grade in 1943 and was there through 5th grade.

    Lives in the Poconos where he has his own accounting business in Hawley, PA.


    Dr. Samuel B. Hoff
    1962-1969, K through 6George Washington Distinguished Professor of History and Political Science and Law Studies Director
    at Delaware State University, Dover

    "There are so many, but the one which has stayed with me the longest is from the 4th grade. Our reading teacher, Mrs. Gray, would read books aloud to the class. The one I remember most is " Charlotte's Web." Her style was so energetic and entertaining. By using this tool for teaching, she not only taught students how to read, but engendered a life-long love of reading."

    Army Specialist, Ryan Michaels, currently stationed in Kuwait, was a student at Cochran Elementary from 1987-1993. Ryan is the son of Mr. Michaels, Cochran third grade teacher.