• WASD Middle Level Athletic Expecations

    Academic Performance:
    •    Students are expected to pass all of their “core” area subject classes.
     Core Classes include
       •    Language Arts
       •    Math
       •    Science
       •    Social Studies
    •   If a student is failing a class, they are excused from practice to make up any work that is owed to the teacher(s) in question until they achieve a passing grade.
    •   If a student is failing two or more subjects, they are ineligible and cannot participate in the next game(s) in accordance of the PIAA rules.  Re-instatement will be decided by coach and administration oncethe student is deemed eligible.

    •    Any students who miss more than a ½ day of school without a Doctor’s excuse may not participate in games.
    •    Players are expected to attend school regularly
    o    If a student misses school they are not eligible to practice or play in games.
    o    Attendance in school is the number 1 reason for academic success.
    •   Players should be at every practice, unless they have legitimate excuse.  Without a written excuse a players’ absence from practice willbe counted as unexcused and will be subject to the following disciplinary actions:
    o    1st missed practice-student is subject to discipline after practice by the coaching staff
    o    2nd missed practice-student will be suspended from game action (quarter, half, or game)
    o    3rd missed practice-student will be dismissed from the team
    •   Any practice time that is missed due to extra academic time in the classroom is considered excused and will not be subject to disciplinary actions.

    •    Students who have behavioral issues in school, on bus, at practice or game that require school consequences
    o    1st time-discipline at practice
    o    2nd time- suspended from game action (quarter, half, or game)
    o    3rd time-dismissal from team
    •    Students who are given OSS or ISS
    o    1st time-suspension from upcoming game
    o    2nd time-suspension from upcoming game + the following game
    o    3rd time-dismissal from team
    Allschool rules concerning behavior apply while you are representing theWilliamsport Area School District as a member of an athletic team. This includes practices, traveling on buses, eating in restaurants,etc. Do not do anything that will hurt or embarrass yourself, yourteam, your coaches, your community, or your school!
    •    Foul language and gestures will not be tolerated at any time.
    •    Stealing from teammates or opponents will be cause for dismissal from the team.

    *Consequencessuch as suspension or dismissal from the team could result depending onthe severity of behavioral issues.  This is up to the discretion of thecoaching staff and school administration.


    •    Players should be dressed in appropriate practice gear.  All jewelry should be removed.  
    •   Respect your coaches by listening to directions and trying to performeach drill to the best of your ability.  Do not talk back, criticize,make excuses, or complain.  These are not qualities found insuccessful, loyal team members.  Be positive, be committed, be a leader!
    •   Student athletes are expected to show the utmost respect to theopposing team, its coaches, and fans. You are also expected to followthe directions of officials and accept their decisions whether or notyou feel they are in error.
    •   Students who fail to show respect will be addressed by the coachingstaff.  If the problem persists, then suspension or dismissal couldresult.

    Game Day Dress Code:
    •   All student athletes should dress according to coaching expectations. This may include dress pants, ties, sweaters, shoes, etc.
Last Modified on July 7, 2016