• Product Overview

    Soar to Success © 2008 is a K–8 intensive intervention program designed to meet the needs of struggling readers. The program, based on over ten years of sound research and authored by Dr. J. David Cooper and Dr. David Chard, covers all five areas critical to reading success.

    Beginning in Kindergarten, Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, and Fluency are taught and reinforced through a variety of teaching methods appropriate for children experiencing difficulty with reading . Twenty-six Alphafriends stories provide the letter/sound match critical to beginning reading.

    For Grade 1 and Grade 2, 60 decodable stories are the basis for 30 books at each level. Each of these books contains one fiction and one nonfiction text designed to reinforce phonics skills and high-frequency words. There are a total of 28 weeks of instruction at each grade level.

    There is a consumable student guide to practice the skills taught during the week. In addition, consumable Letter Cards, Word Cards, Picture Cards, Manipulatives, and Sound Spelling Cards support all primary instruction.

    Soar to Success for Grades 3–6 includes 28 beautiful selections used to reinforce phonics and build critical comprehension skills, strategies, and fluency. Each Soar to Success kit contains seven (7) copies of each title supported by explicit, color-coded teaching plans. Graphic Organizer charts are provided to reinforce and expand critical comprehension strategies. A Soar to Success Student Guide is also included. This guide features graphic organizers, support reading pages, reflect/respond pages, and strategy prompts.

    Assessment is built into Soar to Success © 2008 through a variety of opportunities for monitoring progress. Through this Progress Monitoring effort, students are able to move out of Soar to Success as they grow and accelerate to their desired level of instruction.

    Finally, online and onsite professional development is provided as a part of any Soar to Success purchase. Houghton Mifflin–trained staff will provide any requested professional development, with an emphasis on best practices for struggling readers.

    Sound practices and beautiful, engaging literature make Soar to Success © 2008 the most trusted new intervention program for the children who need it most!
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Last Modified on June 13, 2008