• Program Overview
    Introducing ReadAbout! The new adaptive, leveled, nonfiction reading system that may just be the solution to the new Fourth-Grade Slump.
    Designed to work seamlessly alongside your core reading program, ReadAbout uses the power of technology, high-interest nonfiction, and the best thinking about motivation to jump the slump, before it ever has a chance to take hold.
    Experience ReadAbout
    ReadAbout is an adaptive, leveled, nonfiction, reading system for Grades 3–8 that includes software that differentiates instruction, high-interest print materials, and comprehensive teacher resources. ReadAbout begins by assessing a student’s reading level, skill ability and interests. The program presents three reading topics that reflect the student’s individual needs. Every topic addresses reading achievement by providing anchored instruction, scaffolded reading, informative assessment, and personalized practice.
    ReadAbout is flexible enough to be used in the classroom, in the computer lab, and in before- and after-school programs. ReadAbout enhances any core reading program by integrating the software and print materials into the English-language arts curriculum.

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Last Modified on June 13, 2008