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    Welcome to the Millionaire Academy!     

    Williamsport Area High School’s Freshman Academy is a transitional program, located in our blue house, that provides ninth graders a foundation for success in all aspects of high school. Research shows that the academy concept eases students’ transition from middle to high school as they adjust to their new surroundings. The Williamsport Millionaire Freshman Academy teachers work to monitor student progress and provide both academic support and structure through a curriculum that is conducive to the learning styles of freshmen.

    Freshman Academy Staff

    Cherry Team

    Algebra 1 - Mr. Lee, Ms. Rinehimer
    Algebra 1 - Mrs. Weaver,
    Intro. to Literature/Composition - Mrs. Keeler, Mrs. Hellberg
    Integrated Science - Mr. Harris
    US History - Mrs. Cipriani
    Career Pathways and Financial Literacy (Semester 1) - Mrs. Wimer, Mrs. Getz, Mrs. Baier
    Health 1 (Semester 2) - Mrs. Carnevale, Mr. Yohn

    White Team

    Algebra 1 - Mrs. Miller, Mr. Slaughter
    Algebra 1 - Mr. Moon
    Intro. to Literature/Composition - Mrs. Turner, Ms. Pulizzi
    Integrated Science - Mr. Mitsifer
    US History - Mr. Buck
    Health 1 (Semester 1) - Mrs. Carnevale, Mr. Yohn
    Career Pathways and Financial Literacy (Semester 2) - Mrs. Wimer, Mrs. Getz, Mrs. Baier

    Honors Team

    Algebra 2 Honors -  Mr. Slaughter, Mr. Yevics
    English 9 Honors - Mr. Decker
    Biology Honors - Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Nardella
    US History Honors - Mr. Habalar, Mr. Heller


Last Modified on July 26, 2016