• Gifted Services-Referral/Screening

    WASD conducts an annual search for students that may potentially be gifted. This search is conducted based on a time-line starting at the end of the first marking period. However, at any time teachers from grades K-6 may make a request to have a student screened or evaluated for gifted eligibility. At any time throughout the school year a parent may request a teacher or building principal for a child to be evaluated for a gifted multidisciplinary evaluation. A student may be screened once per school year. A parent may only request to have a child evaluated once within a two year span.  The school district shall determine the student’s needs through a screening of multiple assessment results and an evaluation process which meets the requirements of Chapter 16.


    For students who are potentially gifted students, the district will take the following steps:

    1.     Screen students’ academic progress using multiple sources

    2.     Collect teacher and parent input

    3.     Conduct the Gifted Multidisciplinary Evaluation

    4.     Compile a Gifted Written Report

    5.     Convene a Gifted Individual Education program team meeting to determine whether the student is gifted: and

    6.     Develop a Gifted Individual Education program if the student is a gifted student.

    For student who are gifted and eligible for Special Education, it is not necessary for school districts to conduct separate screening and evaluations, develop separate IEPs or use separate procedural safeguards processes to provide for a student’s needs as both a gifted and eligible student.

    WASD implements gifted support services that match the needs of individual learners.